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Media Scan
BY HANNAH LIDDLE | November 17 2023
Radio-Canada Continue reading Le pavillon pourra notamment accueillir des groupes scolaires pour soute...
People on the Move
BY NATALIE SAMSON | April 01 2015
The Canada Council for the Arts announced the 2015 winners of the prestigious Killam prizes and Killam research fellowships. Each of the five Killam prize winners will receive $100,000 in reco...
People on the Move
Ry Moran, the founding director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba, is taking o...
In my opinion
BY PAUL FORSTER | May 04 2015

Broadening the role of humanities education is laudable. How we get there is another matter.

A recent white paper on the future of graduate training in the humanities in Canada (December 2013) recommends reorienting some PhD programs away from traditional thesis projects and towards research that is “applied,” interdisciplinary, team-based and more varied in format than work currently b...
In my opinion
BY PAUL FORSTER | May 05 2015

Vouloir élargir le rôle des sciences humaines est un objectif louable, mais il faut savoir comment y parvenir.

Un livre blanc sur l’avenir du doctorat en sciences humaines au Canada publié récemment (décembre 2013) recommande de réformer certains programmes de doctorat en laissant tomber la thèse au profit de la recherche « appliquée », interdisciplinaire, axée sur le travail d’équipe et de ...
In my opinion
BY JULIE CAFLEY | September 08 2015

Stories of six unfinished mandates raise concerns about governance.

In my opinion

“While ‘truthiness’ suggests at least a semblance of truth, ‘post-truth’ declares its utter obsolescence.”

You no longer need 1984’s Newspeak Dictionary to know we live in Orwellian times. The Oxford English Dictionary recently declared “Continue reading” the word of the year. It defines post-truth as...
In my opinion
BY DEENA SHAFFER | April 11 2017

What calls to action will we take on? And, how can student affairs not only fulfill but exceed these commitments and calls?

This is a reprint of a blog post that originally appeared on the Ryerson University student affairs blog. The Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s final report is hovering, waiting for us to read, write, and develop programs in response to their findings. I feel personally and profes...
In my opinion
BY JONATHAN FINN | March 13 2018

Les universités accordent la priorité à la satisfaction personnelle et à l’expérience des étudiants plutôt qu’à leur éducation.

J’ai la chance de travailler à temps plein dans une université canadienne depuis 15 ans. Au fil du temps, en tant que membre du corps professoral et du sénat, directeur de département et doyen associé, j’ai été témoin d’une curieuse transition dans le vocabulaire universitaire. Lentem...
In my opinion
BY NORMAND LABRIE | January 09 2019

L’UOF est l’aboutissement d’une longue lutte de la part de la communauté francophone.

quote>Note de la rédaction : Cette réponse à la récente chronique de Creso Sá « Continue reading » était trop longue pour être publiée da...
In my opinion

Skills of well-being have been forgotten partly due to a combination of educational reforms and societal pressures.

This article is republished from Continue reading under a Creative Commons license. Read the Continue reading. In my past experience as an acad...
In my opinion
BY DENIS CLARK | December 16 2019

As the U.K. proceeds with Brexit, Canada will likely prioritize collaboration with EU-based researchers over those in the U.K.

As Brexit uncertainty threatens research funding in the U.K., Canadian researchers will likely also be exposed to the effects and may choose to prioritize collaborations with EU-based researchers instead of U.K.-based researchers after Brexit. This is the finding of preliminary research conducted by...
In my opinion

Plus que des unités de « soutien », ces centres ont prouvé qu’ils sont essentiels à la mission universitaire.

Lors de la pandémie de COVID-19, les établissements ont pris conscience de la grande valeur de leurs centres d’enseignement et d’apprentissage ainsi que des agents de développement pédagogique et des concepteurs de cours qui y travaillent. En ces temps de crise, ils sont devenus les superhé...
In my opinion

Seek instructional help from colleagues, be honest with your students, be generous to yourself and others. We’re all in this together.

I’m a Liverpool FC fan, so the song You Will Never Walk Alone shows up on more than one of my playlists. But when it comes up these days, in light of all that is happening, it seems take on an even more significant meaning. We’re all a little nervy right now – students, instructors, d...
In my opinion
BY NADIA NAFFI ET AL | September 08 2020

Ensuring equitable and quality education, as well as effective and efficient evaluation of student learning are among the imperatives identified for this disrupted academic year.

As university campuses around the world emptied out one by one in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, centres for teaching and learning (CTLs) and their equivalent services – with their teams of instructional designers, teaching and learning experts, and multimedia developers – became the “
In my opinion
BY LUCIE SAUVÉ | September 19 2020

Un plaidoyer pour l’intégration formelle et adéquate d’une éducation relative à l’environnement au sein des curriculums, et ce, du préscolaire à l’université.

Note : Ce texte a été produit dans le cadre d’une collaboration du regroupement Continue reading – un groupe de chercheuses et chercheurs qui s’engagent à lutter contre les changements climatiques, la dégradation de l’environneme...
In my opinion

We need to re-establish ourselves as the place where leaders are prepared for whatever possibilities the future presents. Here’s how.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is this: prepare all you want, but you can’t control uncertainty or wrangle the unknown. Nor will looking at tomorrow through today’s lens lend any clarity to a future shaped by artificial intelligence, distracted by never-ending flows of content, and in...
In my opinion

There’s no need to create a teaching schedule for the fall. Students have been telling us how to create a learning environment that makes sense. We should listen to them.

As we prepare to return in person on campuses this fall, we have a unique opportunity to reimagine our universities as more inclusive, more flexible and ultimately more intellectually productive learning commons. Some of the ways in which we were organized pre-pandemic, and some of what we did as te...
In my opinion
BY ANDIE BURAZIN | June 07 2022

The journey back from pandemic-enforced online learning will be a steep learning curve for everyone.

When will we be back in person? What will the transition from online to in person look like? Once in person, should assessments continue to be online? What have my students learned while being online? In the summer of 2021, as I considered the 2021-2022 academic year, I found myself with more uncert...