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Career Advice
BY TARA SIEBARTH | June 28 2017

A York University professor has coined the term “redirection” to reflect the new, emerging stage of one’s career that occurs after traditional retirement.

It’s possible for academics to continue to work past the traditional retirement age of 65, but they’re going to want to quit at some point, and it’s never too soon to start planning for an active and productive post-retirement life, says Suzanne Cook, a York University professor. “People ...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | June 27 2017

Many sessions addressed need for instructors and staff to be well prepared for work in increasingly diverse institutions.

Over the past several months, the federal government and university leaders have made it clear in public statements that equity and inclusion must become top priorities for the higher education sector – particularly where it concerns the recruitment and retention of internation...
Media Scan
BY TARA SIEBARTH | June 21 2017
CBC News Toronto Continue reading Formerly Hart House, the space will now be called Skennen'kó:wa Gamig, or House ...
Career Advice
BY CHRIS HOUSER | June 07 2017

Don’t forget the faculty.

For a decade now, I have been committed to offering students the opportunity to have a study abroad experience. In that time, I have taken almost 400 undergraduate students on trips abroad, including more than 30 visits to Costa Rica. Study abroad, undergraduate research, service learning, intern...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | June 02 2017

Once you’ve raised enough money, it’s very important that you find a private incubator space.

The following is a transcript from Continue reading I gave at the medical device development course, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston on May 12, 2016. Due to length, I hav...
In my opinion

By its actions, the country has shown its deep commitment to diversity, inclusivity and global citizenry.

Earlier this year, Canadian graduate schools responded quickly to offer their support to researchers and grad students impacted by U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Our schools offered to extend application deadlines, provide workspaces and grant visiting-researcher status to stranded stud...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | May 08 2017

Get ’em while they’re young, says David Kent.

One of the biggest challenges facing early career researchers in biomedical science is the substantial shift in human resources for training periods – PhDs take longer, postdoctoral fellowships take longer (or are multiple), and the average age to first faculty position keeps getting later and lat...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | April 12 2017

This year’s online career conference for PhDs promises lots of helpful information for both the academic and non-academic job search.

The online career conference I co-produce with Maren Wood is coming up in May! Registration is open for individuals and groups. Our returning conference partner is Continue reading. Over 750 people have attended the conference since the first annual event in 2014. About ha...
In my opinion
BY DEENA SHAFFER | April 11 2017

What calls to action will we take on? And, how can student affairs not only fulfill but exceed these commitments and calls?

This is a reprint of a blog post that originally appeared on the Ryerson University student affairs blog. The Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s final report is hovering, waiting for us to read, write, and develop programs in response to their findings. I feel personally and profes...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | April 06 2017

A guest post from Dr. Kellie Machlus, who asks the question: what processes can we set in place to guard against implicit bias and increase diversity in our ranks?

The Black Hole is no stranger to conversations of gender equality in science – many of which have resulted in very productive discussions in our comments section. Last month, I had the pleasure of seeing these discussions elevated to a higher platform through the organization of a ...
Career Advice
BY MAREN WOOD | March 22 2017

A study of tenure and tenure-track faculty in history and English departments.

For the past several years, I’ve worked as a researcher and educator helping to prepare PhDs for non-faculty careers. In this capacity, I'm often invited to university campuses to speak about my research. This past summer, I presented at the Future Humanities conference held at Carleton University...
In my opinion

“While ‘truthiness’ suggests at least a semblance of truth, ‘post-truth’ declares its utter obsolescence.”

You no longer need 1984’s Newspeak Dictionary to know we live in Orwellian times. The Oxford English Dictionary recently declared “Continue reading” the word of the year. It defines post-truth as...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | March 06 2017

Accessibility offices are encouraging students with autism to turn to their peers for support through university life.

When accessibility specialist Jamie Penner started at the University of Manitoba in 2009, a series of eye-opening client meetings made him reconsider how the institution was accommodating students with an autism spectrum disorder. “One of my first students on the spectrum had a course in ancient h...
BY HELEN MURPHY | February 17 2017

At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, attendees confront a new troubling reality

It did not take long at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Continue reading for questions to be raised about the new U.S. administration and the challenges it poses to science. In the opening minutes of the AAAS meeting last night,...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | February 17 2017

They lead to more stability and may force early career scientists to stop waiting to make that next “substantial” contribution.

Last week, one of the world’s biggest funders of biomedical research Continue reading on the maximum number of years post-PhD that an applicant remains eligible for a grant. While I applaud th...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | February 01 2017
In early January I travelled to Denver to attend the American Historical Association meeting. I went to represent Continue reading -- the professional development business that I run with Maren Wood, a fellow history PhD turned entrepreneur. We spoke wit...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | January 25 2017

The outgoing vice-provost, students, is taking up a new post at Sheridan College.

After 17 years at York University, Janet Morrison stepped down from the role of vice-provost, students, last November to become provost and vice-president, academic, at Sheridan College. Dr. Morrison, who holds a PhD in higher education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, spoke with Uni...
BY ADAM CRYMBLE | January 23 2017

An expat explains how a temporary leave to study in the U.K. turned into a life abroad – and what the government could do to bring him back.

Growing up in small-town Ontario, I always had a nagging feeling that Canadians who moved abroad were traitors. They had shunned our country for monetary gain, or sunshine or fame. But I’ve become one of those people – part of the nation’s brain drain – and I can assure you that it was entir...
Speculative Diction
BY MELONIE FULLICK | January 19 2017

A frank discussion about open access publishing, Dr. Eve’s own Open Library for the Humanities, and what future he sees for the academic publishing industry.

The current state of academic publishing is something we should all be thinking about, given that it’s a means of disseminating the knowledge generated by academic research — much of which is publicly funded yet inaccessible to the public. Publishing is also significant because ...
BY ALEX GILLIS | January 12 2017

The number of predatory publishers is skyrocketing – and they’re eager to pounce on unsuspecting scholars.

Editor’s note, Jan. 18, 2017: Jeffrey Beall, the University of Colorado Denver librarian behind Beall’s List of “potential, possible or probable” predatory journals, has removed all information from his site. Retraction Watch reports that it received a statement from th...