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Ask Dr. Editor
BY LETITIA HENVILLE | February 20 2024

You should carefully consider word choices and sentence structures when you’ve got a high-stakes presentation to give.


quote>I’ve got a job talk coming up, and I’m struggling to balance sounding sufficiently academic on the one hand and, on the other, actually being understandable to a listening audience. I’m really comfortable writing articles and chapters; but when...
In my opinion
BY RYAN KATZ-ROSENE | January 29 2024

The policy encourages scholars to reduce the climate footprint associated with their research activities.

Canada’s Tri-Councils (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) have a relativel...

Scholars in Calgary, Odanak and Edmundston have recently spearheaded research projects on the revitalization of Indigenous languages. But where do universities fit in, and how should they be contributing?

Canadian academics have helped launch a number of initiatives to revitalize Indigenous languages in recent years. They’ve compiled dictionaries, created an online platform to teach the Wolastoqey language, begun studying and documenting Innu vocabulary used to describe the environment and set up a...
The Black Hole
BY SARAH RUEDIGER | January 15 2024

As head of a lab, you’re the one-man band responsible for everything from marketing to finance to product development.

As someone who stepped into the role of a group leader half a year ago, I have just embarked on an exciting journey to set up a new laboratory at University College London, U.K. My goal, as part of my New Year's resolution, is to share some updates about the lab's growth and some of the fun challeng...
BY NICOLE DAINTY | January 11 2024

‘We’ve all put a lot of heart and soul into [the program] so it’s really nice to see it succeeding,’ says program chair.

Students graduating from Thompson Rivers University’s (TRU) Continue reading can now say that they meet Continue reading (...
BY MAUD CUCCHI | November 29 2023

As Polytechnique Montréal celebrates its 150th anniversary, we shine a spotlight on the engineer’s path to becoming the first woman to lead the institution.

As a leading figure at Polytechnique Montréal, Maud Cohen stands out for at least two reasons. In 2022, she became the very first woman to be appointed president of this 150-year-old institution. And unlike her predecessors, she was neither a professor nor held a PhD. ...
Graduate Matters
BY MICHELLE LEI | November 27 2023

This path allowed me to dive into a new field while maintaining a time commitment comparable to a traditional master’s program.

Life often takes unexpected turns; the education and subsequent career path you envisioned in your youth may not be the one you ultimately follow. Upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree, the traditional options are to either embark on a graduate or professional program or to start working in ind...
Academic for life

Some of the principles of an AFU include promoting intergenerational learning and sharing expertise between learners of all ages.

One of the 10 principles of an Age-Friendly University (AFU) urges universities to actively engage their own retired community. While some principles provide guidance on fostering greater accessibility for older adults, this one speaks directly to the interests of the 40-plus university retir...
In my opinion
BY WEI CAI | November 10 2023

The efficacy of learning from apps and achieving intended learning outcomes begs contemplation.

Amidst a budgetary crisis, West Virginia University (WVU) recently put forth a proposal to Continue reading. Among those being cut are some language programs. Span...
The Many Faces
BY LEVONNE ABSHIRE | November 07 2023

We should be embedding health equity into all aspects of campus culture.

quote>“Imagine an expansive river with a very high waterfall at its source. At the bottom of this waterfall, along its banks are hundreds of people working tirelessly trying to save people in the river, many of whom are struggling to keep afloat. As the countless bodies are pulled out of the...
BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | October 25 2023

With support for graduate students at a breaking point, Canadian universities are feeling the impact.

While finishing her PhD last year, Sivani Baskaran was faced with a common dilemma: continue on in academia or move to the private sector. With student loans from her undergraduate degree and very little in savings after six years of graduate school, the financial impli...
The Skills Agenda

As supervisors, PIs and department chairs, individual faculty members can help early career researchers identify and develop their skills.

A few years ago, I led numerous graduate student professional development workshops at universities and conferences across Canada. While the workshops were tied to Continue reading directed at social science and humanities PhD students, t...
BY JADINE NGAN | October 17 2023

Canadian universities emerged from the pandemic with investment growth, but long-term sustainability is a consistent concern.

Despite early concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic could pose serious financial challenges for Canadian universities, a Continue reading from Statistics Canada reveals that the sector recorded a budget surplus of $1.5...
Graduate Matters
BY KULPREET CHEEMA | October 16 2023

By building a strong LinkedIn profile and reaching out to your network to do some information interviews, you are setting yourself on a path for success.

While academia has long been considered the traditional career path by master's and PhD students, today's job landscape offers many opportunities beyond the ivory tower. When I was a graduate student, my knowledge of potential careers after graduation was limited. By using LinkedIn, I learned to
In my opinion

By targeting certain behaviours, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact of research without compromising quality.

From global warming to biodiversity loss, the environmental crisis is a critical issue for the Canadian and international research communities, which provide invaluable insight into environmental problems and offer solutions. The fact that research is largely publicly funded means that it must be...
BY BOB LEMIEUX | September 18 2023

A history lesson on the need to advocate for Canadian fundamental research.

Despite intense lobbying by science policy advocates (ex. U15, Universities Canada, the Canadian Science Policy Centre) and the publication of reports, such as the Advis...
Academic for life
BY SUSAN HUTCHINSON | September 08 2023

Why thinking about lifestyle planning before and after you retire is so important.

Many people leaving professional roles, including academics, struggle with leaving work behind. With so much of who we are invested in what we do, this is natural, especially given the years we spent honing our knowledge and skills, first as grad students and then teaching and cond...
BY MOIRA MACDONALD | September 05 2023

How universities are overhauling operations in an effort to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The centrepiece of the University of Toronto’s downtown St. George campus was a hot mess last spring. What was once a lush lawn sprawling out before Oxbridge-inspired University College – U of T’s founding campus building, erected in the late 1850s – had been...
Graduate Matters
BY TANIA SULTANA | September 01 2023

This handy checklist will help you address any potential gaps in your application.

For doctoral candidates, obtaining a fellowship is a significant step towards advancing their academic careers. Receiving a Continue reading – open to Canadian and international applicants – provides a ca...
In my opinion
BY JEROME CRANSTON | August 16 2023

Analysis of the appointments of provosts underscores the need to disrupt and dismantle current promotion processes.

In the fall of 2017, Continue reading, the voice of Canadian universities, took an important step forward by releasing both its quity-diversity-inclusion/">Action Plan on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion<...
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