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Global Campus

An integrated approach using campus and community partnerships is key to cultivating skills, building networks and exploring pathways.

Continue reading for having a highly educated workforce, with nearly one in four working-age people quotidien/221130/dq221130a-eng.htm">havin...
From the admin chair

We must ensure that elders are integrated into teaching and learning, not separated from it.

Over the past two decades, especially in academia, there have been positive changes in attitudes about Indigenous peoples and a growing respect and place for Indigenous elders. There is a resurgence of interest in connecting with those who “hold culture” in the fullness of their years. Indigenou...
Career Advice
BY ISABEAU IQBAL | February 13 2023

Responding to an inner call to explore a fresh facet of your professional identity means shedding some “shoulds.”

What do you do when you start to feel “meh” about your profession? I’m not talking about a desire to retire or change jobs, but rather about a niggling feeling that you may no longer want to pursue the work you’ve been doing for years, possibly decades. For me, that question started bubbl...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | February 08 2023

The neuroscientist is gearing up to cover topics from open, team-based science to putting EDI to work in the field.

We are really excited to have Sarah Ruediger join the regular Black Hole crew. Sarah is a postdoctoral fellow who is transitioning to a group leader position at University College London this coming June.  She is an outstanding neuroscientist (with first author papers in Nature, Nat...
Career Advice

A recent report on the future of the history PhD shows many students are living below the poverty line.

Last spring, more than 7,000 scientists and engineers signed a Continue reading asking the federal government to increase scholarships to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows funded by the Natural Science and Enginee...
BY ELIZABETH HOWELL | December 14 2022

The pandemic and aging infrastructure have spurred major renovations at university observatories, making them more accessible to the public and to researchers around the globe.

There’s a sharper view of the sky than ever at York University. The two sticky, stubborn telescope domes that had sat atop York’s Allan I. Carswell Astronomical Observatory since the 1960s were finally replaced this past summer. It was no easy effort. Even after securing approval for the renovat...
Career Advice
BY KATIE GEORGE | December 08 2022

Without properly training them, we are throwing our academics to the wind and shortchanging their students.

There I sat in the lecture hall as an undergraduate student two decades ago, my eyes glazing over from the monotonous droning of our prof who recited, word for word, the information we could all read on his haphazard slides. Even then I wondered: doesn’t anyone train professors how to teach? Tu...
The Skills Agenda
BY LOLEEN BERDAHL | December 06 2022

The Pay It Forward Assignment allows students to share their learning to help current and future students.

Have you ever mastered a topic and immediately wanted to share what you learned with others? Whenever I figure out something challenging, I want to tell someone else what I have learned. Sharing my new knowledge with another person helps me better understand the material myself, and I like the idea ...
Media Scan
BY HANNAH LIDDLE | November 24 2022
CBC News Continue reading Laurentian University became the first publicly funded postseco...
Media Scan
BY HANNAH LIDDLE | November 23 2022
CBC News Continue reading Laurentian University became the first publicly funded postseco...
Responsibilities May Include
BY SONJA SOO & EMILY BELL | November 22 2022

Three graduates share their PhD journeys and their forays into the biotechnology and therapeutics sector.

With the increasing pace of scientific and technological advances, a life sciences expertise is in high demand. Government inves...
Media Scan
BY HANNAH LIDDLE | November 14 2022
The Sarnia Observer Continue reading The union representing part-time faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University has annou...
BY CAILYNN KLINGBEIL | November 02 2022

New funding will allow the university to develop the space and infrastructure needed for the self-sustaining energy system.

A new microgrid being built at the University of Regina will generate power for the campus while also helping students, researchers and industry partners solve energy transition problems and grow Saskatchewan’s renewable energy sector. Think of a microgrid as a mini-power system, where electric...
Academic for life
BY FRED FLETCHER | October 27 2022

Members benefit from social and intellectual engagement as well as important information to guide a successful retirement.

Editor's note: Welcome to Academic for life, a new column aimed at academics who are retired but want to stay involved in academe. In 1994, a group of older academics gathered at the University of Calgary to discuss what the future could look like for the growing number of colle...
BY DIANE PETERS | October 26 2022

The interdisciplinary approach to human, animal and environmental health is gaining traction in teaching and research, but the field still struggles against institutional silos.

At the start of her graduate studies at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College in 2018, Sydney Pearce presented her research on improving antibiotic use in the dairy industry at a conference. She spoke of animal health, human behaviour, the social deter...
Global Campus
BY LISA BRUNNER | October 25 2022

More ethical models are needed for Canada’s outdated and malfunctioning internationalization policies.

Early research on the Continue reading in the Global North was notoriously undertheorized and instrumental. However, over the past decade, the field
BY SHAUNA MCGINN | October 12 2022

The unique wellness initiative has become a popular spot for respite during the workday.

This past spring, a group dedicated to employee wellness at Queen’s University launched a community garden for staff, the first of its kind on campus. The two plots were planted with help from a volunteer group, Rideau 1000 Islands Master Gard...
Global Campus
BY RYAN CONNELL | October 11 2022

How a university-based college effectively uses culturally appropriate apps to engage with international students.

Our international students often come to Canada with a phone in their hands. Throughout their studies, most continue to use apps they are comfortable with from their home country and in their first language. However, most institutions rely on communicating with international students through channel...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | September 27 2022

The scientific community needs to talk about the sustainability implications of our research practices and start implementing approaches to minimize our professional carbon footprint.

This is a guest post from Sarah Ruediger. Dr. Ruediger is currently completing her postdoctoral research at the University of California San Francisco and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. She studied molecular biology at the University of Basel in Switzerland, and completed her doctoral trai...
BY BRIAN OWENS | September 22 2022

As she begins her second term, Mona Nemer weighs in on shaping the pandemic response, the battle against misinformation, and the push for open science.

Molecular cardiologist Mona Nemer was first appointed Canada’s chief science adviser in 2017, to provide advice to the federal government on scientific issues and science-based policy. Recently reappointed for two more years, she talks to University Affairs about her plans for her next te...
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