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climate change

BY SHARON STEIN | March 27 2023

Students, community activists, and critical scholars are calling for more justice-oriented approaches to the climate crisis. How will universities respond?

BY DAVID KENT | February 08 2023

The neuroscientist is gearing up to cover topics from open, team-based science to putting EDI to work in the field.

BY CAILYNN KLINGBEIL | November 02 2022

New funding will allow the university to develop the space and infrastructure needed for the self-sustaining energy system.

BY KATHLEEN KEVANY | October 13 2022

A ‘default veg’ position on campus food is one way that universities can respond to the climate crisis.

BY DAVID KENT | September 27 2022

The scientific community needs to talk about the sustainability implications of our research practices and start implementing approaches to minimize our professional carbon footprint.


Christian Messier is on a crusade to increase biodiversity in urban and natural forests.

BY PATRICIA HLUCHY | August 17 2022

In response to demand from students and industry alike, business schools are increasingly focusing on environmental and social impact.