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BY EVA VOINIGESCU | June 15 2021

‘We need to change the culture so that well-documented data, metadata and code are considered to be as valuable as a … published journal article.’

BY CRESO SÁ | June 14 2021

As it was not tasked with offering recommendations, the report’s conclusions are understandably generic and understated.


Experts in ethics and law examine the issues that should be considered when making the decision.

BY DAVID KENT | April 30 2021

The current process for material transfer agreements involves way too much paperwork and puts unnecessary stress on both researchers and technology transfer offices.


After consultations and approval from its new board of governors, Western University’s ‘founding college’ will apply for autonomy to grant its own degrees.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | March 30 2021

How the Indigenous-led think tank is forging its own path through community, not competition.

BY CRESO SÁ | February 01 2021

As the 2021 federal budget looms, the time of “made-in-Canada Silicon Valleys” has passed.

BY LESLEY EVANS OGDEN | October 21 2020

More dads are taking time to be with their families, but policies and supports still have a long way to go.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | September 23 2020

Speaking to Parliamentarians last month about universities’ response to COVID-19, university presidents asked for support for international students and continued emergency research funding.

BY CRESO SÁ | September 22 2020

A closer look at the four recommendations from Ontario’s expert panel on intellectual property, created to assess the commercialization activities of higher-education institutions.

BY DOUGLAS MORRIS | July 17 2020

Eliminating bureaucracy is not possible, but paying attention to simple guidelines for best practice can go a long way towards reducing its expansion.

BY PAUL JENKINS | July 06 2020

Good governance is about roles and responsibilities, and the accountable execution of those roles and responsibilities.

BY CRESO SÁ | June 05 2020

COVID-19 has caused the academic community to be very reactionary, but research is fundamentally a long-term process.

BY DAVID KENT | April 23 2020

A potentially interesting approach would be to consider substantially less standardization in the metrics that assess academic institutions.

BY CRESO SÁ | April 17 2020

Major crises provide windows of opportunity for change.

BY DAVID PORTER | December 09 2019

Collaboration distributes resources among academic institutions, creating conditions for partnerships, sharing and attention to diverse needs.

BY CRESO SÁ | December 06 2019

The Liberals claim that “science is at the centre of everything the government does” – yet all we have seen and heard are symbolic gestures and feel-good rhetoric.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | November 12 2019

Approaches to the controversial policy varied across the province, leaving some postsecondary institutions worse off than others.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | October 30 2019

Researchers and funders are increasingly focusing on how to prepare for a changed – and changing – climate.

BY CHRISTINA FRANGOU | October 23 2019

Many universities lack adequate policies on how to deal with cyberbullying, leading to real-life consequences for some targeted academics.