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BY WENDY GLAUSER | August 05 2020

They’ll alert you if you’ve been in close contact with an infected individual, explains U of T’s Emily Seto, but there remain many challenges to their widespread adoption.

BY KERRY BANKS | July 29 2020

As COVID-19 began to spread around the globe, so too did a toxic brew of rumours, misinformation and conspiracy theories.

BY DAMIEN GRAPTON | July 22 2020

Scientific publishing is experiencing major changes these days, with increased production of scientific data, open-access publications and online prepublication. Can these changes last?

BY DIANE PETERS | July 07 2020

Struggling to juggle myriad responsibilities, “the easiest thing to put off … is research,” says one professor.

BY KERRY BANKS | June 29 2020

“We’re witnessing the disappearance of history,” says one expert.

BY EVA VOINIGESCU | June 24 2020

The Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital is pioneering an open-science model that could change the way medical research is conducted across the globe.

BY MATTHEW GUIDA | June 15 2020

Marie Hopwood of Vancouver Island University has partnered with a local brewery to revive the suds of civilizations past.


A group of professors teamed up with Monty Python comedian Terry Jones to turn the prologue of The Canterbury Tales into a multimedia app.

BY EDMUND ADAM | April 29 2020

What the history of pandemics can tell university leaders about the aftermath of COVID-19.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | April 24 2020

The federal government’s $1.1-billion plan includes more funds for vaccine research, clinical trials, and expanded testing and modelling.


Created in about a week, the collection offers a “snapshot” of the pandemic from scholars in the social sciences and humanities.

BY TIM LOUGHEED | April 21 2020

No widespread culling is being reported, as workers strive to maintain this crucial research infrastructure.

BY DIANE PETERS | April 14 2020

Researchers across the country are working tirelessly and collaborating on various approaches.

BY ALLISON DANIEL | April 06 2020

With many studies put on hold, professors worry for their research – and what this means for graduate students.


The team from U de Montréal and ULaval hope to develop a rapid test before a second wave of the disease strikes.

BY DIANE PETERS | March 25 2020

“We’ve had dress rehearsals with MERS, SARS and H1N1. We’ve been there before,” says one researcher. “What are we going to learn this time in a way that actually sticks?”


The federal government is funding research teams to study COVID-19, while the Tri-Agencies announced they will reimburse some fees incurred due to coronavirus-related travel cancellations.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | February 26 2020

Agriculture faculties are becoming some of the most exciting hubs of interdisciplinary collaboration on Canadian campuses.

BY EMMA MCPHEE | February 25 2020

A donation of 30,000 UFO-related materials makes the university the place to be for paranormal research in Canada.

BY SHARON ASCHAIEK | February 18 2020

Nearly everything we do now generates reams of data, and universities are helping Canadians to make productive use of it.