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The conference returns to its first in-person meeting in four years under the theme of “Reckonings and Re-imaginings.”


As academics experiment with the graphic novel form, their research is reaching – and influencing – new audiences.

BY JOHN LOEPPKY | April 26 2023

Disabled scholars say they often rely on ad hoc agreements to get the accommodations they need to do their jobs. The lack of formal recognition has left many feeling unprotected and unwelcome in the academic workplace.

BY BRIAN OWENS | April 19 2023

A decade ago, Canada was at the forefront of open access publishing. Now critics say those policies are due for a drastic rewrite.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | April 12 2023

Most provinces are targeting new funding to expand health care programs and student financial assistance.

BY BECKY RYNOR | April 05 2023

Dr. Blackstock reflects on the merits of blending academia and activism.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | March 29 2023

Leaders and advocates in the university sector decry the latest federal budget as a missed opportunity to support early-career researchers and to heed the recommendations of the Advisory Panel on the Federal Research Support System.


The pandemic became a rare chance for academic creatives to witness the power of imagination and why it matters.

BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | March 08 2023

In the Students as Partners approach, instructors collaborate with students to develop a university course.


Skyrocketing student financial need has called for universities to go beyond the food bank model.

BY EVELYN ASIEDU | February 22 2023

The brainchild of one scholar, the webinar series, The Good and the Bad of Black Grad, has provided a platform for Black academic voices across the country.

BY JULIEN CAYOUETTE | February 01 2023

There are many lessons learned, but ensuring good university governance is the number one priority.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | January 18 2023

The search for a systemic response to a growing concern.

BY SHARON OOSTHOEK | January 11 2023

A few high-profile cases involving faculty members who may have falsely presented themselves as Indigenous are calling into question the practice of self-identification.

BY UA/AU | January 03 2023

As an eventful 2022 comes to an end, here are the stories and issues that shaped the year in Canadian higher education. Re-enjoy some of our award-winning content during your holiday break. And in the spirit of the season, share this newsletter with anyone in your network who may not know about UA. Stories that […]

BY ELIZABETH HOWELL | December 14 2022

The pandemic and aging infrastructure have spurred major renovations at university observatories, making them more accessible to the public and to researchers around the globe.

BY MAUD CUCCHI | November 23 2022

Marie-Hélène Benoit-Otis demystifies the role that music plays in the formation of political discourse.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | November 02 2022

The rapid rise in international recruitment has sparked calls for rules and standards to govern third-party recruiters.

BY LEIGH LANE PEINE | November 01 2022

How Educational Credential Evaluators is closing the gap.

BY DIANE PETERS | October 26 2022

The interdisciplinary approach to human, animal and environmental health is gaining traction in teaching and research, but the field still struggles against institutional silos.