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By ADAM CHAPNICK | July 12 2010

Students and teachers often misunderstand each other’s intentions.

By CAROLYN WATTERS | June 08 2010

A Canadian academic decamps for the Persian Gulf, and a very different postsecondary system.

May 03 2010

Carol Miles, director of Learning, Technologies and Teaching Support at Carleton University explains the challenges of starting a career as a new faculty member.

By UA/AU | May 03 2010

An interview with Jack Duffy, a professor at Dalhousie University, on the benefits of becoming a university administrator.

By JASON CONNELL | April 06 2010

Volunteer work can contribute to your graduate research and strengthen your CV.

April 06 2010

It’s connecting university research with the outside world in order to benefit society.

March 22 2010

Three SSHRC program officers break down some of the major scholarships and offer up some tips to help your application reach the top of the pile.

By ADAM CHAPNICK | March 22 2010

Tips for building your academic profile.

By ADAM CRYMBLE | March 08 2010

Improve your writing skills and beef up your CV by submitting to a more mainstream media outlet.

By UA/AU | March 08 2010

By simply switching on his home computer and picking up the phone, Tom Erickson is already at the office. Could you work this way?

March 08 2010

Jo VanEvery gives tips on prioritizing research tasks, planning a long-term program of research, developing a publication strategy, building a support network for research, and carving out time to do research in a busy, multi-focused position.

February 22 2010

Career adviser Carolyn Steele explains the role that CVs and resumés play in both academic and non-academic job searches.

February 22 2010

Carol Miles, director of Learning, Technologies and Teaching Support at Carleton University explains the challenges of implementing electronic and wireless devices in today’s university classroom.

By PHILIP FINE | February 22 2010

A new website opens the door to some of the lesser-known scholarships offered by the Canadian government.

By CARLA GUNN | February 08 2010

Secrecy, exclusion and collusion on academic committees.

February 08 2010

Pierre Normand explains how the media works and gives tips on communicating effectively with journalists.

By UA/AU | January 11 2010

Whose job is it?

By CHRISTINA CHANT | January 11 2010

Resources to get you started

By UA/AU | January 11 2010

An interview with Brian Campbell, dean of graduate studies at chair of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

January 11 2010

Four public servants — and former graduate students — who found careers in the federal public service through the Recruitment of Policy Leaders program share their experiences. Learn about how to follow in their footsteps and become immersed in the world of policy-making.