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Careers Café

BY LIZ KOBLYK | December 22 2017

Some colleagues and I were recently discussing the myths that prevent people from managing their careers happily and successfully. Kerri Latham, a McMaster career counsellor, spoke about a myth that everyone can relate to: the right career will present itself, fully formed, like a push notification. Perhaps because we focus on job titles, we expect […]

BY LIZ KOBLYK | November 21 2017

If you’re looking for ways to test out new skills and discover new experiences, your career centre may have a program for you.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | October 20 2017

Many people still get hired without having mastered their weaknesses – so why are you try to conquer them all before applying?

BY LIZ KOBLYK | September 08 2017

When applying for jobs where you have zero experience, use your cover letter to discuss what you would do in the role, rather than just what you have done in the past.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | August 21 2017

Use your resume for breadth, and your cover letter for focused storytelling.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | June 13 2017

The relationship between work and stress is a funny one. We often talk about the need to relax, as if the only road to work satisfaction is to have work that’s easier. For some, that is the case – workloads can be too heavy, and work can be too challenging. It’s not always the case, […]

BY LIZ KOBLYK | May 05 2017

If projecting confidence feels like it’s a long way off for you, build your case for inspiring it.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | April 10 2017

Investigate ways of flipping the yes/no question for careers of interest to yes/and or no/later.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | March 10 2017

Job enjoyment and stability are not mutually exclusive.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | February 10 2017

Alternative solutions for the student job seeker when university career centres don’t have the budget to cover all the bases.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | January 16 2017

Choose goals that are meaningful to you, not others.

BY BYRNE LUFT | December 20 2016

This is a guest post by Byrne Luft of Kelly Services. The holiday season is traditionally a good time to relax, reflect and recharge. But it can also be a good time for networking. Individuals who want to advance their careers or find new jobs can take advantage of professional and office gatherings during this time […]

BY LIZ KOBLYK | December 12 2016

It turns out that a lot of people relate to the imposter syndrome. Great! We can all enjoy one another’s company at our self-deprecation party, all the while being plagued by our private thoughts that we don’t deserve to be at the party. That was my attempt at a segue to parties. Holidays bring parties, […]

BY LIZ KOBLYK | November 10 2016

Last week, I turned down CBC’s The Current. I’d been invited to comment on how job seekers can navigate the world of short-term employment. Instead of jumping at the chance, I immediately said no, offered the names of two other potential panelists, and went back to work. Happily, our PR person took me by the […]

BY LIZ KOBLYK | October 03 2016

Last month, I wrote about some ways to find out about less well-known job titles on social media. For those who are hesitant to use LinkedIn and Twitter, there are other options. Your degree doesn’t dictate your career. But seeing that others with your degree are, indeed, gainfully employed in a range of jobs can […]

BY LIZ KOBLYK | September 08 2016

Information on different career options is out there, just not all conveniently in one place.

BY JENNIFER FROST | August 31 2016


BY ALEXANDRA HA | August 23 2016

A quick guide for those starting their PhD program this fall.

BY LIZ KOBLYK | August 05 2016

Maybe you’ve spent some time exploring career options. But, the deeper you dig, the less you like the options. It happens. My last post was about how to work around fears that new career paths are out of reach for you. But what do you do when your potential new career choices lose their lustre? […]

BY LIZ KOBLYK | July 05 2016

Working within academia has likely helped you develop a strong sense of skepticism. Can these results be replicated? What are the holes in this methodology? Where does this argument fall short? That’s good for the researcher, and bad for the job seeker or career explorer. Too much skepticism can lead to extremes at either end […]