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By LIZ KOBLYK | January 16 2017

Choose goals that are meaningful to you, not others.

By BYRNE LUFT | December 20 2016

This is a guest post by Byrne Luft of Kelly Services. The holiday season is traditionally a good time to relax, reflect and recharge. But it can also be a good time for networking. Individuals who want to advance their careers or find new jobs can take advantage of professional and office gatherings during this time […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | December 12 2016

It turns out that a lot of people relate to the imposter syndrome. Great! We can all enjoy one another’s company at our self-deprecation party, all the while being plagued by our private thoughts that we don’t deserve to be at the party. That was my attempt at a segue to parties. Holidays bring parties, […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | November 10 2016

Last week, I turned down CBC’s The Current. I’d been invited to comment on how job seekers can navigate the world of short-term employment. Instead of jumping at the chance, I immediately said no, offered the names of two other potential panelists, and went back to work. Happily, our PR person took me by the […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | October 03 2016

Last month, I wrote about some ways to find out about less well-known job titles on social media. For those who are hesitant to use LinkedIn and Twitter, there are other options. Your degree doesn’t dictate your career. But seeing that others with your degree are, indeed, gainfully employed in a range of jobs can […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | September 08 2016

Information on different career options is out there, just not all conveniently in one place.

By JENNIFER FROST | August 31 2016


By ALEXANDRA HA | August 23 2016

A quick guide for those starting their PhD program this fall.

By LIZ KOBLYK | August 05 2016

Maybe you’ve spent some time exploring career options. But, the deeper you dig, the less you like the options. It happens. My last post was about how to work around fears that new career paths are out of reach for you. But what do you do when your potential new career choices lose their lustre? […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | July 05 2016

Working within academia has likely helped you develop a strong sense of skepticism. Can these results be replicated? What are the holes in this methodology? Where does this argument fall short? That’s good for the researcher, and bad for the job seeker or career explorer. Too much skepticism can lead to extremes at either end […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | June 07 2016

Making yourself competitive for a new career and figuring out what that career might be are two peas in a pod, not two steps in a staircase. Instead of being done with one before moving onto the other, you might be best served by undertaking them both at the same time. A little reflection is […]

By TARA SIEBARTH | May 27 2016

If you want to avoid the crowds – or just need a break – at this year’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, you are in luck! The University of Calgary is providing designated quiet spaces around campus which will be open for the duration of Congress. Education Tower – 202C Professional Faculties – […]

By TARA SIEBARTH | May 24 2016

Anyone can be an alcoholic, even a PhD astronomer. – Women in Astronomy, anonymous author This line, from a blog post sent to me by a colleague sparked a discussion at the University Affairs office. How do academics who prefer to stay sober or are in recovery deal with alcohol at conferences? The Congress of […]

By TARA SIEBARTH | May 13 2016

We are fast approaching conference season in academe. As academics everywhere put the finishing touches on their presentation notes and confirm hotel reservations, we at University Affairs  are collecting your advice on how to survive conference season. Some of these posts will be specific to the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, since a […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | May 02 2016

These lists are not useful because they are built around a tiny part of what makes you a good job candidate.

By LIZ KOBLYK | March 30 2016

This month, let’s try looking at the future through the lens of design thinking. While design thinking is certainly trendy, its popularity is at least partly due to its utility as a way to approach complex problems. Unsurprisingly, it has already been applied to career exploration, and is particularly useful when you reach points in […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | March 01 2016

Exploring career options assumes that you have some. So, of course, people sometimes avoid exploring career options because they assume they don’t have any. Becoming very specialized, whether through career growth or very focused study, can exacerbate that sense of having few options. Facing family or peer pressure to follow a certain path can, too. […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | February 03 2016

Thanks, survey respondents! It was interesting to find out what you’re looking for from Careers Café. In a few cases, I forwarded ideas to writers whose columns are better fits – specifically, to Melonie Fullick of Speculative Diction and Jennifer Polk of From PhD to Life. There was more interest than I expected in long-term […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | January 05 2016

Blogging once a month is plagued by the weirdness that sometimes accompanies online experiences. It’s like talking through a wall at a group of people, without knowing who they are or what they might be looking for. So, in the interests knowing your interests, I’m asking for your help. If you’ve bothered to come to […]

By LIZ KOBLYK | December 01 2015

If you’re lucky enough to work for an organization you like, and unlucky enough to be frustrated by some of the work that doesn’t get done, you may be well positioned to propose a new position – for the organization and for yourself. It may sound audacious to propose an entirely new role, but it […]