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BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | September 08 2015

Grad students are looking for university support to help prepare them for careers outside the professoriate.

BY JENNY GREEN | August 05 2015

Universities have started to think seriously about how to reach this historically large demographic – and maybe make money at the same time.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | August 05 2015

We’ve canvassed Canada’s
universities to compile a list of the country’s
best campus traditions.


Famous Canadians tell us how one professor changed their life.

BY TIM JOHNSON | June 10 2015

Scholars say the rise of automated, and increasingly autonomous, robotic technologies requires greater ethical scrutiny.

BY BECKY RYNOR | June 10 2015

From puppets to a personalized pizza box, libraries’ special collections are home to some very strange items.

BY ANNE KROOK | June 01 2015

How do we turn the doctoral student’s significant skills into a career outside academia?


This living encyclopedia has made knowledge more accessible and more democratic than ever. Scholars need to embrace it and do all they can to support it.


All professors with PhDs in philosophy, the Groarke triplets share much more than their identical DNA.

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | April 08 2015

Give up a regular paycheck and leave home for grad school? Why bother, when more graduate programs are available by distance, especially for working professionals.

BY PAUL YACHNIN | March 11 2015

“It is important for the humanities to take back the word ‘skills’ so that it can incite PhD programs to turn outward toward the world. That is why I want to make a case for the particular value of public skills.”

BY DIANE PETERS | March 11 2015

When students and administrators join resources to improve the food on campus, cafeteria is no longer a dirty word.

BY MARK CARDWELL | March 11 2015

With a focus on teamwork, leadership and discipline, being involved in sports is an excellent training ground for a successful career.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | February 25 2015

The new Prince Edward Island premier – and past president of UPEI – talks about leaving a legacy.

BY DAVID HAYES | February 11 2015

The best of them have real historical value – but writing one is a whole other matter.

BY PETER MACKINNON | February 11 2015

An excerpt from University Leadership and Public Policy in the Twenty-First Century: A President’s Perspective.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | February 11 2015

From innovative teaching to human rights to breast cancer treatment reform, this Carleton professor is relentless in her pursuit for change.

BY CHANTAL BRAGANZA | January 14 2015

As pornography has proliferated in the digital era, so too has its study, even though this multidisciplinary field has been around for at least 30 years. But, say scholars, the study of sexually explicit subject matter has often been muddied by a binary pro- or anti-porn attitude.

BY TIM JOHNSON | January 14 2015

“With more research, we will be able to see how ancient peoples adjusted to and reacted to rapidly rising sea levels – to see how they responded.”

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | January 14 2015

University teachers experiment all the time with innovative ways to involve students more deeply in learning, but games are rarely part of their toolkit. They may be missing a golden opportunity.