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BY ZANE SCHWARTZ | December 03 2014

First-year students get up close with their prof and explore issues from all angles in a small-group environment.

BY UA/AU | December 03 2014

We asked some prominent academics to choose two books they read this year that particularly impressed them: one within their field and another they read for pleasure. Here’s what they said.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | December 03 2014

Across the country, people with disabilities are redefining the possible by excelling in scholarly pursuits that were once off limits to them.

BY REBECCA ZAK | November 19 2014

But first, your university needs a policy on alternative-format dissertations.

BY B.W. POWE | November 05 2014

Two of Canada’s cultural and intellectual giants were also rivals at U of T.

BY DIANE PETERS | November 05 2014

As a young historian, she treated obstacles as things to understand rather than to skirt. The attitude persisted during her entire, stellar career.

BY VIVIAN SMITH | November 05 2014

It aims to engage students with a mix of online lectures and in-class components.


Rape chants and allegations of sexual assault spur universities to think hard about how they’re handling violence against women.

BY DIANE PETERS | October 20 2014

Assessing student performance is an integral part of academic life, if not always a very appealing one. The good news is that it’s getting better and easier.

BY MOIRA FARR | October 20 2014

With retirement at age 65 no longer mandatory in Canada, members of the boomer generation – including academics – are asking that pivotal question.

BY MARIE LAMBERT-CHAN | September 10 2014

Canadian researchers tackle what’s become a major public-health issue: concussion in sport.

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | September 10 2014

In a time of dispiriting public debate, what is the public intellectual to do?

BY PAUL GESSELL | September 10 2014

It may the last big human-rights issue of our age – welcoming people who identify with the sex opposite to the one they were born with.

BY PAUL AXELROD | August 20 2014

Our family’s trip to Tanzania stirred thoughts, once again, on whether committed North Americans can make a meaningful difference in the communities they meet.

BY TIM JOHNSON | August 06 2014

Schools are unpaving paradise and creating a stronger sense of place.

BY MARK CARDWELL | August 06 2014

“If I’m suffering it means I don’t know enough.”


A short story by Sarah Glassford.


Math and education professors support the drive for better math skills, but sometimes disagree on how to get there.

BY KAREN BIRCHARD | June 11 2014

Today, many students are gaining international experience through internships, practicums and volunteering, rather than just through credit courses.