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By TIM JOHNSON | January 14 2015

“With more research, we will be able to see how ancient peoples adjusted to and reacted to rapidly rising sea levels – to see how they responded.”

By MOIRA MACDONALD | January 14 2015

University teachers experiment all the time with innovative ways to involve students more deeply in learning, but games are rarely part of their toolkit. They may be missing a golden opportunity.

By OLLIVIER DYENS | December 10 2014

It means an overhaul of our education system, so that art penetrates every nook and cranny.

By ZANE SCHWARTZ | December 03 2014

First-year students get up close with their prof and explore issues from all angles in a small-group environment.

By UA/AU | December 03 2014

We asked some prominent academics to choose two books they read this year that particularly impressed them: one within their field and another they read for pleasure. Here’s what they said.

By WENDY GLAUSER | December 03 2014

Across the country, people with disabilities are redefining the possible by excelling in scholarly pursuits that were once off limits to them.

By REBECCA ZAK | November 19 2014

But first, your university needs a policy on alternative-format dissertations.

By B.W. POWE | November 05 2014

Two of Canada’s cultural and intellectual giants were also rivals at U of T.

By DIANE PETERS | November 05 2014

As a young historian, she treated obstacles as things to understand rather than to skirt. The attitude persisted during her entire, stellar career.

By VIVIAN SMITH | November 05 2014

It aims to engage students with a mix of online lectures and in-class components.


Rape chants and allegations of sexual assault spur universities to think hard about how they’re handling violence against women.

By DIANE PETERS | October 20 2014

Assessing student performance is an integral part of academic life, if not always a very appealing one. The good news is that it’s getting better and easier.

By MOIRA FARR | October 20 2014

With retirement at age 65 no longer mandatory in Canada, members of the boomer generation – including academics – are asking that pivotal question.

By MARIE LAMBERT-CHAN | September 10 2014

Canadian researchers tackle what’s become a major public-health issue: concussion in sport.

By SUZANNE BOWNESS | September 10 2014

In a time of dispiriting public debate, what is the public intellectual to do?

By PAUL GESSELL | September 10 2014

It may the last big human-rights issue of our age – welcoming people who identify with the sex opposite to the one they were born with.

By PAUL AXELROD | August 20 2014

Our family’s trip to Tanzania stirred thoughts, once again, on whether committed North Americans can make a meaningful difference in the communities they meet.

By TIM JOHNSON | August 06 2014

Schools are unpaving paradise and creating a stronger sense of place.

By MARK CARDWELL | August 06 2014

“If I’m suffering it means I don’t know enough.”