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By ROSANNA TAMBURRI | January 21 2015

Listen to an audio interview about graduate earnings.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 23 2014

Instant feedback is extremely valuable to a teacher, especially in larger classes. Classroom response systems or clickers help make this possible.

By HARRIET EISENKRAFT | October 16 2013

Interview excerpts from our feature article “Examining the roots of the perennial gender gap in the STEM disciplines”.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 02 2013

MOOCs. They have the potential to revolutionize higher education – but will they?

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | June 19 2013

From netbooks to iFrames and GIFs, the world of tech is getting a little nostalgic – but with a twist.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | May 08 2013

What do Twitter, Tumblr and citations have in common?

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | March 27 2013

Are virtual worlds a dying technology or do they have a bright future in postsecondary education?

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | February 27 2013

Aliases aren’t just for the infamous. Bibilotech podcast host Rochelle Mazar offers advice on separating the personal and the professional online.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | January 16 2013

How could the digital world shape course readings and course reserves?

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | November 28 2012

Rochelle Mazar offers some advice on designing assigments that make it harder to plagiarize.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 24 2012

Does the very mention of Wikipedia make you cringe?

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | September 26 2012

Are you worried that audio and video assignments aren’t worth the hassle? It just might be a lot simpler than you think.

By JULIE CLARENBACH | March 14 2012

An interview with Carolyn Watters, vice president, academic, at Dalhousie University.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | January 18 2012

Dump that heavy old laptop and treat yourself to one of the many new hardware devices now on the market.

By JULIE CLARENBACH | November 23 2011

An interview with Susan Molnar, a graduate career counsellor at McGill University.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | November 02 2011

Why aren’t you doing more with your course website?

By JULIE CLARENBACH | October 11 2011

The podcast about leaving academia.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 04 2011

Take your life back from e-mail, Google Reader and Twitter!

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 04 2011

Just because they were born when computers were in every household, does not make Millenials all-knowing about the Internet or the technology that surrounds it.

By ROCHELLE MAZAR | February 22 2011

Rochelle knows how to make your academic life easier. She tells you which software is worth investing in.

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