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By SEYRAM KUDOLO | May 13 2019

The cohort represents an array of interests, including sports-injury medicine, Indigenous health and wellness, and podcasting.

By MAUD CUCCHI | May 08 2019

The renovated planetarium became the new home to startup incubator Centech last fall.


Some of Canada’s biggest research honours were recently bestowed by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

By MOIRA MACDONALD | May 06 2019

Despite the success, the country’s universities look to diversify the source countries to avoid over-reliance on a few key nations.

By MATTHEW HALLIDAY | April 29 2019

But, as with all university rankings, the question remains: what does it really mean?

By SUZANNE BOWNESS | April 26 2019

The former UOIT rebrands to clarify its identity and move past an awkward moniker.

By ANQI SHEN | April 25 2019

The new urban reserve, a partnership with Star Blanket Cree Nation, was nearly 20 years in the making.

By ANQI SHEN | April 24 2019

In most provinces, it was the status quo for operating grants, but some budgets had a few surprises.

By DIANE PETERS | April 19 2019

The work “will hugely advance our capacity to understand species interactions and … the impacts of human activities,” says director Paul Hebert.

By LÉO CHARBONNEAU | April 18 2019

The eight new Canada Excellence Research Chair holders come from a number of different countries to set up shop in Canada.

By NATALIE SAMSON | April 16 2019

Institutions have focused mainly on Indigenous inclusion, but that’s only one end of a spectrum of policies needed for reconciliation, researchers argue.

By SPARROW MCGOWAN | April 15 2019

A number of pilot projects are trying to encourage intergenerational co-housing in cities big and small.

By MEAGHAN HALDENBY | April 09 2019

In Chess for Life, students learn about decision-making and relationships as part of a game-based sentencing program.

By SEYRAM KUDOLO | April 08 2019

A book on lacrosse takes the main prize in English, while a history of Indigenous peoples in American and European societies wins in French.

By MOIRA FARR | April 02 2019

The Rossy Student Wellness Hub will include embedded wellness advisors, an online service portal and an upgraded bricks-and-mortar location.

By EMILY BARON CADLOFF | April 01 2019

About 85 percent of the world’s refugees can be found in the global south while most refugee research is based out of the global north; a Canadian study aims to bridge that gap.

By MOIRA FARR | March 27 2019

The organization was founded in 2007 by retired Canadian Forces General Roméo Dallaire.


Researcher Marie-Ève Maillé discusses her legal battle and the lessons she has learned from it.

By BRIAN OWENS | March 26 2019

Thanks to internet-enabled technologies and citizen scientists, ecologists now have access to more data than ever before.

By ANQI SHEN | March 20 2019

The federal government’s pre-election budget contains several key items for students and universities.