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By LOUISA SIMMONS | January 12 2018

The recently renovated museum provides “constant flow” of research participants for developmental scientists from the University of Ottawa.

By NATALIE SAMSON | January 09 2018

It took four years and the perfect analogy to figure it out.

By BRIAN OWENS | January 08 2018

This latest overhaul of the NRC aims to boost engagement, restore lost morale.

By SORAYA ROBERTS | January 05 2018

With her move to the University of Calgary in December, the multidisciplinary artist adds “tenure-track professor” to her feats.

By GREGORY GUEVARA | December 28 2017

Researchers examine the connection between posting selfies on Instagram and Twitter, and public perceptions of competence.

By JEAN-FRANÇOIS VENNE | December 22 2017

In Quebec, a new law calls for universities to adopt a code of conduct covering faculty-student relationships.

By LOUISA SIMMONS | December 19 2017

Several universities have committed to supporting oppressed academics, but few have followed through.

By LOUISA SIMMONS | December 15 2017

First four winners will come to Canada from the U.K., New Zealand and the U.S.

By NATALIE SAMSON | December 12 2017

The province has invested nearly $350,000 to draw students to northern British Columbia, a region that is suffering from dwindling student enrolment.

By NATALIE SAMSON | December 06 2017

The contents of the painter’s workspace – from a trove of pens to customized furniture the artist built himself – offer clues to his creative process and discussion points for the future of Canadian art.

By SAMIA MADWAR | December 05 2017

The site’s readership and content have expanded over the years, now reaching an average of 40,000 visits per month.

By GREGORY GUEVARA | December 04 2017

They call their discovery “Steve.”

By ANQI SHEN | November 29 2017

Full-time academic staff are increasing in the higher ranks and dropping at the assistant professor level, according to 2016-17 UCASS data from Statistics Canada.

By JEAN-FRANÇOIS VENNE | November 29 2017

French-speaking researchers are increasingly choosing to publish their scientific articles in English.

By SHARON ASCHAIEK | November 27 2017

Five universities and three community colleges hire a shared chief information security officer to help fend off attacks.

By ANQI SHEN | November 24 2017

Full-time undergraduate enrolment up a more modest two percent this fall compared to 2016.

By MARTHA TROIAN | November 22 2017

That was the theme of third annual reconciliation forum, held at University of Manitoba.

By BRENDAN SHAUGHNESSY | November 16 2017

The report’s authors call for at least one-quarter of students within the next decade to have an international learning experience.

By ANQI SHEN | November 15 2017

Plus, UBC and U of King’s College recognized in new award category for student journalism.

By ANQI SHEN | November 14 2017

The Gender Summit North America 2017 brought academic and corporate leaders together in Montreal to discuss how to foster diversity in organizations and at universities.