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By SHEILA COTE-MEEK | January 10 2018

“As a leader, there will be times when you just have to take a leap of faith.”

By SHEILA COTE-MEEK | October 30 2017

Administrators are in a unique position to address systemic issues that hinder Indigenous peoples’ success.

By SHEILA COTE-MEEK | September 07 2017

“What I’ve found the most rewarding about administration is the opportunity to bring about systemic change.”

By MARTHA CRAGO | June 02 2017

“We need to believe in ourselves and what we do, and convince others of its importance.”

By MARTHA CRAGO | March 08 2017

“We need to become aware of the social realities that set us apart from many of our fellow citizens and address them.”

By MARTHA CRAGO | January 06 2017

“ People are working to solve their differences and trying to build pathways for collaboration.”

By MARTHA CRAGO | November 03 2016

It has been almost 20 years since I did research in the homes and schools of indigenous people of Quebec. I obtained ethical approval for that work at my university. This consisted of me showing my grant proposal to a colleague down the hall who had no experience with indigenous people and asking her to […]

By MARTHA CRAGO | September 02 2016

We need to think about how fundamental research can be funded in the best Canadian way possible.

By MARTHA CRAGO | June 08 2016

In Canada, the phrases “Science is back” and “Canada is back on the world stage” have been heard repeatedly over the last several months. They are like music to the ears of many of us. We can also now talk about, write about and apply for research funding on climate change without having to camouflage […]

By MARTHA CRAGO | March 09 2016

There can be several individuals involved in the research that leads to an invention.

By MARTHA CRAGO | January 13 2016

Canada’s researchers benefit from new binational and multinational graduate-student training programs.

By MARTHA CRAGO | November 03 2015

A combination of events set me to thinking about “boldness” this summer and early fall. Just before summer started, one of our researchers at Dalhousie University, Jeff Dahn, signed a contract with U.S. electric-car manufacturer Tesla Motors. This led to a visit by Tesla’s vice-president, J.B. Straubel, complete with a bright red Tesla that was […]

By MARTHA CRAGO | September 09 2015

Ongoing learning will be necessary for all careers, inside and outside academia.

By MARTHA CRAGO | June 08 2015

Persuasion by donors and industry partners is the kind that causes the most commotion, but there are other kinds, too.

By MARTHA CRAGO | March 10 2015

These partnerships can open doors and windows in the Ivory Tower.

By MARTHA CRAGO | January 14 2015

Convergence is in the air.

By MARTHA CRAGO | November 05 2014

Staying faithful to our principles.

By MARTHA CRAGO | September 10 2014

This is a shared dilemma.

By MAUREEN MANCUSO | June 11 2014

It’s all about learning.

By MAUREEN MANCUSO | March 12 2014

It’s one way for institutions to become sustainable.

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