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By FRED DONNELLY | August 16 2010

Younger generations are reverting to a pre-industrial multitasking work culture.

By JANE SORENSEN | July 12 2010

The smartest thing I did was delay grad studies until I had built up a nest egg.

By KYLA HANINGTON | June 08 2010

Learning is delightful, intellectual elitism is not.

By MARK MERCER | May 03 2010

By that I mean a place where you’ll encounter disturbing ideas.

By CHAD GAFFIELD | April 06 2010

Let’s confront misperceptions about our graduates.

By CHRISTINE OVERALL | April 06 2010

University professors have an odd public image.

By CRAIG MONK | March 08 2010

A university’s character is the sum of its faculty and their work.

By IAN D. CLARK | March 08 2010

Or, Steve and Di’s evening on the Internet.

By ROSEANN O’REILLY RUNTE | February 08 2010

Canada’s universities should build on what they’ve already created.

By ANDREW M. BOGGS | January 25 2010

Why PhD candidates should re-evaluate their career expectations.

By JOHN G. STACKHOUSE, JR. | January 11 2010

Academic freedom or statement of faith? They’re both right.

By DAVID J. CURRIE | December 07 2009

Concentrating research funding in the largest institutions may not be the most productive model for Canadian research

By PATRICK J. J. PHILLIPS | October 05 2009

Another forecast of changes coming to university education

By MEHRDAD HARIRI + JEFF SHAROM | September 08 2009

National conference in October is a first step to making this a reality

By YVES GINGRAS | August 04 2009

This generous but ill-conceived program distorts the logic of graduate-school funding

By ANTHONY GURR | June 08 2009

It’s not enough to teach about teaching technologies – use them!

By TIMOTHY CAULFIELD | April 06 2009

A new emphasis in science on the study of genetic variation is raising old issues of race


How to end your course in a way that students will remember

By PAUL AXELROD | February 09 2009

Universities’ heavy dependence on part-time faculty merits serious attention, but the union’s proposed solution would be unacceptable to every university in Canada

By BRETT ZIMMERMAN | February 09 2009

Boy, do I feel silly recalling how, in the autumn of 2000, I assured my students at York University that there wouldn’t be a strike. “We don’t have the guts to go out. We always have a positive strike vote then cave in at the eleventh hour and accept whatever York’s negotiators offer us. My […]