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By REINHART REITHMEIER | February 01 2018

This snapshot of employment outcomes confirms that, regardless of their discipline, U of T PhDs are successful in a wide range of careers.

By KATHLEEN BORTOLIN | January 30 2018

Many of us have some idea of where we are supposed to go, but have a less clear sense how to get there.

By MARC SPOONER | January 23 2018

Where the plan goes off track is the system-wide metrics it uses to assess research excellence and impact.

By JEAN LEBEL | January 18 2018

The International Development Research Centre’s response to Valéry Ridde’s opinion piece, “Canada must not abandon its young global health researchers.”

By VALÉRY RIDDE | January 15 2018

We need a consistent policy for funding global health research.

By ALAN SHEPARD | January 04 2018

A public scholars program at Concordia University will help doctoral candidates impart their research in compelling ways to audiences outside academe.

By JOHN TRANT | December 29 2017

Undergraduate colleagues make you a better researcher and teacher. Here’s how.

By ROSEANN O’REILLY RUNTE | December 07 2017

Research today is about partnerships and networks to share data and ideas, and to answer the big questions that confront us.

By MICHAEL J. ARMSTRONG | December 07 2017

It’s exam time. Research suggests that while some students will be pleasantly surprised by how they did on exams, a larger group will falsely believe they did much better on their exams than they did.

By DANIEL ROBINSON | December 05 2017

It would be a shame if the lesson learned is simply to remove the controversial bits from your course.

By ANDRE COSTOPOULOS | November 30 2017

We have an assessment system that is designed for our convenience as instructors and administrators, rather than for the learning needs of our students.

By VIANNE TIMMONS | November 17 2017

Taking steps to ensure that conscious and unconscious bias do not play a role in hiring and promotion does not mean that excellence cannot exist.

By EDMUND ADAM | November 13 2017

Are Canadian students up to the task?

By JULIA M. WRIGHT | November 06 2017

Canada is hemorrhaging early career research capacity.

By PAUL AXELROD | November 01 2017

University leaders concerned about the employability of graduates should sustain academic and curricular diversity, including the liberal arts.

By OLDRICH BUBAK | October 23 2017

We need to introduce consistency and reliability into the classroom, and place the student experience at the centre of our teaching.

By SARAH ELAINE EATON | October 18 2017

The second annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating is an attempt by universities around the world to raise awareness about students who hire others to do their work.

By MICHAEL BAUMANN | October 17 2017

Why don’t more students protest against this most universally distressing ritual of university life?

By JOHN BERGERON | October 11 2017

It is nearly impossible for talented early career researchers – especially women – to obtain stable funding to operate their labs.

By KATHLEEN GALLAGHER | September 26 2017

There is a new duty felt by teachers at all levels of our education system to make good on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls to action, creating both a critically important opportunity and an unease about our preparedness.