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By MATTHEW SCRIBNER | March 29 2016

But some issues need to be approached tactfully and professionally.

By NICHOLAS DION | March 15 2016

Respondents also offer suggestions on how their institutions could better aid their transition into the workforce.

By BRENDA BROUWER | March 07 2016

But, leveraging that talent requires a strategy and investment.


We have the necessary means if we re-allocate it to those truly in need.

By PAUL KEEN | February 17 2016

Conference at Carleton U in May follows up on inaugural McGill gathering last year.

By HELEN MURPHY | February 12 2016

Sometimes getting the right people in the room makes all the difference. That was the idea behind a roundtable on Feb. 11 at the Canadian Embassy in Washington. Universities Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation co-convened the meeting of research agency leaders from Canada, the U.S. and Europe to talk about ramping up international […]

By ANNETTE HENRY | February 09 2016

Universities often ignore a varied and rich Black intellectual tradition.

By TED HEWITT | January 25 2016

Partnership with indigenous scholars and their communities is a key part of moving forward, says SSHRC president.

By BRIAN MCILROY | January 20 2016

My department has been successful at striving for equal overall gender representation, but we remain primarily Caucasian.


The copyists range from a Grade 4 English teacher to an academic at a highly regarded university.

By KYLE SILER | January 05 2016

Costs and benefits of cuts must be weighed accordingly.

By PAUL AXELROD | December 09 2015

There are ways to have technology serve the teacher’s goals.

By PHIL OCTETES | December 01 2015

As a lifelong liberal (please note the lower case “l” – this is not a partisan polemic), I thought I would never have cause to say this: Margaret Thatcher was right. I disagreed with almost all of her policies when she was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and in 1988 I was quite concerned […]

By DAVID SMITH | October 21 2015

Affordable high-quality animations may mark the death of stodgy PowerPoint presentations.

By THOMAS KLASSEN | October 14 2015

Despite some concerns, a liberal arts degree is still the best preparation for a rewarding career.

By BRUCE A. HEYMAN | October 06 2015

Abraham Lincoln said the best way to predict your future is to create it. I have found this creative spirit ingrained in the people I meet every day across our great shared continent. Canadians and Americans believe that we, as individuals and as a community, have the ability and the obligation to leave things better […]

By KELLY MCSHANE | September 23 2015

I work in an interdisciplinary way, but I find that I am still sitting on the fence.

By PIERRE-ALEXANDRE BOLDUC | September 16 2015

Exchange students often find coming home the toughest part.

By JULIE CAFLEY | September 08 2015

Stories of six unfinished mandates raise concerns about governance.

By LORNE CARMICHAEL | September 01 2015

To know why fewer women choose math and science, you need to know the principle of occupational choice.