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From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | April 13 2018

By using the internet in an intentional way, you’ll be empowered to conduct an effective, less stressful job search.

This is a guest post by Heidi Scott Giusto, PhD. Heidi has owned and operated Continue reading since 2013. Dedicated to helping individuals and businesses succeed when the stakes are high, she delights in helping job seekers na...
BY ANQI SHEN | March 27 2018

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries proposes that institutions renegotiate unsustainable deals with journal publishers and transition toward open access.

For years, academic libraries have struggled to keep up with the rising costs of journal subscriptions set by a few large, international publishers. The situation “is now getting to a point of crisis,” according to the Canadian Association of Research Libraries...
From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | March 26 2018

We think all PhD students would benefit from attending, and that includes individuals who are committed to securing an academic position after graduation.

Jennifer Polk and I are thrilled to present the 5th Annual Beyond the Professoriate confe...
Responsibilities May Include
BY TARA CHRISTIE | March 19 2018

Don’t overlook the benefits of working in a non-faculty role at a university.

It was a chilly December morning at work. I was sipping on my first coffee of the day, reading my emails and making my plans for the day, when an email notified me that one of my publications had been referenced. No way! It had been almost eight years to the day since I defended my PhD thesis and I ...
In my opinion
BY JONATHAN FINN | March 13 2018

Universities prioritize students’ personal satisfaction and positive experiences over their education.

I am fortunate to be in my 15th year of a full-time job at a Canadian university. Over this time, as a faculty member, senator, department chair and associate dean, I have watched a steady, slow and curious transition in the use of language at university away from the word “education” in favour ...
In my opinion

And here’s how we can do it.

Academia is unique in that professionals with highly specialized expertise, who are paid by public institutions, write articles and provide peer reviews to corporations who profit greatly without giving back to the research enterprise. In any other industry, such experts would charge up to $1,500/ho...
In my opinion
BY JAMES SOUTHWORTH | February 13 2018

Op-ed articles help students to learn the important skills of engaging and persuading a reader.

There’s something rather futile about argumentative research papers that focus on moral, political and social issues. For all their merits in developing students’ writing, research and critical thinking skills, these papers usually fail. That is, they fail in their purpose of persuading a reader...
From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | February 12 2018

Jennifer Polk and Maren Wood want faculty, students and administrators to be careful when they interpret the data found in the 10,000 PhDs report.

This post is co-authored by Jennifer Polk (PhD, history) and Maren Wood (PhD, history), co-founders of Continue reading. There are significant challenges to collecting quality data on alumni and former students. We know this first-hand: Maren...
From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | January 24 2018

How to transition between the often individualistic world of academic success and the collaborative dynamics of modern industry.

This is a guest post by Josh Magsam, PhD. Josh works as director of community success at Continue reading. He earned his PhD in English from the University of Oregon. So you’ve taken a big step forward and started an entry-level position with a promisi...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | January 11 2018

A guide to changing the institutional thinking of translational research programs.

In a Continue reading I highlighted a comprehensive list of recommendations for how to improve federally-supported translational research programs. In this series of posts I elaborate on these recommendations in the hope that they may help guide institutional thinking on transla...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | December 08 2017

Today, the civil service is lean, constantly under pressure to deliver high-quality results while keeping departmental budgets low.

This is a guest post from Andrew Miller, PhD, a strategic leader with the City of Mississauga. In 2016 the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario did a study and found that 51 percent of Ontario PhD holders who graduated in 2009 had positions in the post-secondary education sector. ...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | November 14 2017

Guest writer Jessica Hartshorn says conferences can, and should, be a place to add to your reputation and develop name recognition.

This is a guest post by Jessica Hartshorn, PhD, who works as forest health specialist at the Minnesota department of natural resources. Ah, academic conferences. The time has come for frantic presentation editing, hotel practice sessions, and department mixers! Conference...
In my opinion
BY JULIA M. WRIGHT | November 06 2017

Canada is hemorrhaging early career research capacity.

For a generation now, our PhD graduates have struggled with a shrinking academic job market in Canada, many of them in under-compensated teaching jobs with little support for research, or in non-academic positions. The decline in academic jobs has been addressed primarily as a graduate student issue...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | October 25 2017

Linda Cameron reflects on the evolving world of scholarly publishing as she steps down as director of the University of Alberta Press.

Linda Cameron retired from the University of Alberta Press at the end of August after 16 years in the role of director. In her time at the press, Ms. Cameron ushered the press into the era of digital publishing; tightened links between the press and the university library that administers it; co-dev...
From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | October 17 2017

Bringing together individuals and institutions from across North America who are actively working to help smart, creative people move from graduate studies into meaningful work.

In 2011, I left higher education to pursue a non-academic career. I completed my PhD in 2009, and graduated into the heart of the great recession. The academic job market had collapsed, and many of us who were focused on preparing for faculty careers learned that there were simply not enough jobs fo...
BY ANQI SHEN | October 06 2017

A partnership between the Mastercard Foundation, Rideau Hall Foundation, Vancouver Island University and Yukon College has ambitious aims.

Tasha Brooks likes to have an open-door policy. As one of Vancouver Island University’s four new “education navigators,” her job is to help First Nations students to transition into university and complete their education. “I’m very open about my own struggles through university,” says M...
BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | September 27 2017

Schools are also looking to encourage domestic students to benefit from international students’ presence.

As the blip-blip-bloop of the classic Skype ringtone connects me with Zack (Guanglong) Pang at Wilfrid Laurier University, it occurs to me that a little box like this on a computer screen may be the only window through which this international student has seen his family for the past few years ...
BY ANQI SHEN | September 27 2017

Mona Nemer, biochemistry professor and recent vice-president of research at the University of Ottawa, takes the helm.

Mona Nemer has been named Canada’s new chief science advisor, and today is her first day on the job. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Science Minister Kirsty Duncan made the announcement at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by Dr. Nemer and Art McDonald, a 2015 Nobel Prize winn...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | September 26 2017

Does starting up your own company hurt your academic career? Jonathan Thon says no, it actually has the opposite effect.

The following is a transcript from Continue reading I gave at the medical device development course, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA) on May 12, 2016. Due to length, I have broken the talk up into seven par...
In my opinion
BY BART DE BAERE & ELICIA MAINE | September 18 2017

We advocate for a harmonized intellectual property policy based on the creator-owned model.

In today’s global knowledge economy, Canada needs to foster policies that encourage ambitious science research and the commercial translation of resulting inventions into innovation. The recently completed review of Canada’s science funding framework, commissioned by federal Minister of Science ...