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The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | October 19 2015

My purpose is not to scare you, but to summarize the reality of the present economic climate for young scientists.

I appreciate that I am often very critical of academic research – it’s often necessary. Nevertheless, I truly believe that science is a calling whose social value is paramount; and if you are intelligent, dedicated, hardworking, and passionate, your efforts are wasted elsewhere. True, this ca...
In my opinion
BY THOMAS KLASSEN | October 14 2015

Despite some concerns, a liberal arts degree is still the best preparation for a rewarding career.

A million university students have returned to the classroom across Canada. Most are worried about their prospects after graduation, especially those using loans to finance their studies and those in liberal arts programs. Many undergraduate students don’t understand the connection between clas...
BY JENNY GREEN | October 05 2015

New book describes how historians are using longitudinal analysis to shed light on our collective past.

In the last few decades, societal evolution has been thrown into a new light as hundreds of thousands of old records – from censuses to hand-written church records – have been digitized and aggregated. These massive databases allow researchers to track long-term change in populations through gen...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | September 23 2015
When I finished my PhD, my dissertation turned into a book manuscript. I worked on it for several months, on and off, even writing a book proposal that I aimed to send to academic publishers. My intention back then was to publish a book based largely on my dissertation. The closest I came was to sen...
The Black Hole
BY JIRO INOUE | September 21 2015
Editor's note:  This week, we are very pleased to have a guest post from Jiro Inoue, a postdoctoral fellow at the Robarts Research Institute, Western University. He is the current vice-president, external, of the postdoctoral association at Western, and the vice-chair, operati...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | September 21 2015

Residences compete to see which building can conserve the most.

Residence staff and students at Western University have turned an energy conservation initiative into a program with serious buzz. Continue reading, which takes place this year from Sept. 28 to Oct. 11, will involve up to 5,000 stud...
BY VIVIAN SMITH | September 09 2015

Adam Jones wrestles with the worst that humans can inflict on each other yet remains an optimist.

The photograph projected onto a large screen shows a tangle of lime-bleached arm and leg bones and skulls on wooden platforms at the Murambi Genocide Memorial in southern Rwanda. The image is hard to look at but the students and other audience members in the lect...
BY DAVID HAYES | September 09 2015
BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | September 08 2015

Grad students are looking for university support to help prepare them for careers outside the professoriate.

Kathryn Muller, Jonathan Turner and Erin Clow are three PhD holders who use the skills they honed in their doctoral studies on a daily basis at a university. They just don’t work as professors. Dr. Muller oversees a team of professional fundraisers at McGill University. Dr. Turner is a c...
In my opinion
BY JULIE CAFLEY | September 08 2015

Stories of six unfinished mandates raise concerns about governance.

The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | August 25 2015
This post was written with Continue reading, an Energy & Technology Venture Investor with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the co-founder and chief business officer for
BY NATALIE SAMSON | August 05 2015

The philosophy prof shares how her rape influences her scholarly work on trauma and inspired an award-winning memoir.

Karyn L. Freedman is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Guelph. In 2014, she published Continue reading (Freehand Books), a memoir that describes how, at 22, s...
In my opinion
BY ERIN CLOW | August 04 2015

An alt-ac career is not the traditional route for a PhD, but it’s not shameful.

Before even beginning my PhD, I had doubts about whether a “traditional” academic career was the right path for me. Once in my program, it didn’t take me long to discover that academia was not where I saw myself for the rest of my life. I didn’t understand it at the time, and I certainly did...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | June 18 2015
You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the Continue reading that Sir Tim Hunt made to a group of female Korean researchers. After calling “girls” in laboratories “trouble” amongst worse remarks, Professor Hunt has lost his...

Outgoing principal of Brescia University College Colleen Hanycz reflects on challenges facing women’s colleges.

When Colleen Hanycz was appointed principal of Continue reading, an affiliated college of Western University, in 2008, the institution was in a precarious position. Enrolment tanked in the fall of that year and the future of Canada’s only remain...
Margin Notes

It can be done, with some effort, says a panel at this year’s Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Imagine you’re a deputy minister of health and you wished to take a look at what data is being collected on the healthcare system. You discover that you know only a little about the problems patients come in with, that you stopped collecting data on doctors years ago, and that you have almost no d...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | May 25 2015
I co-hosted an online conference earlier this month, with Maren Wood: The 2nd Annual Continue reading. What fun! What learning! The conference reaffirmed for me that PhDs working in non-faculty position...
Career Advice

The importance of mentorship in graduate education

While cutting-edge research remains the backbone of graduate education, it is imperative that universities and faculty members be more proactive in helping their trainees develop a full range of soft skills, as well as a network beyond academia to allow them to succeed in career opportunities in the...
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | May 05 2015
Business accelerators have become fashionable, and for good reason. They offer aspiring entrepreneurs access to expert mentors, marketing and media resources, funding opportunities, and office space. In part 4 of this multi-part article series I describe still unmet needs that existing and futur...
In my opinion
BY PAUL FORSTER | May 04 2015

Broadening the role of humanities education is laudable. How we get there is another matter.

A recent white paper on the future of graduate training in the humanities in Canada (December 2013) recommends reorienting some PhD programs away from traditional thesis projects and towards research that is “applied,” interdisciplinary, team-based and more varied in format than work currently b...