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Career Advice
BY MICHAEL NEWMAN | September 30 2015
dissertation they’ll certainly thank their advisor and professors, so you can place the author in the context of a grad program.
  • Introduction, which often contains a summary of the chapters near the end. Helpful especially if you don’t think you are going to read the whole book or ne...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | September 23 2015
    dissertation turned into a book manuscript. I worked on it for several months, on and off, even writing a book proposal that I aimed to send to academic publishers. My intention back then was to publish a book based largely on my dissertation. The closest I came was to send a query to an acquisition...
    In my opinion
    BY KELLY MCSHANE | September 23 2015

    I work in an interdisciplinary way, but I find that I am still sitting on the fence.

    dissertation that was jointly supervised by a developmental psychologist and a physician/public health researcher. I recall at my PhD dissertation proposal meeting, one member of my committee suggested that if we couldn’t all just agree on the method and approach of my research projects, we could ...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | September 15 2015
    dissertation for five years that less than a handful of people actually read in the end. I’ve also come to enjoy copywriting a lot, which is very different from academic writing but very challenging in itself. Travelling to clients and teaching workshops is something I also like. I get to see w...
    Career Advice
    BY DEBBY WALDMAN | September 09 2015

    Academic copyediting program is a crucial resource to a growing number of international graduate students at U of Alberta.

    dissertations for graduate students at the University of Alberta in August 2011, I was given strict orders: fix grammar, punctuation and syntax, and teach my clients to do the same. My job was not to rewrite. That was fine with me. Most of the papers were about subjects such as asphalt, concrete ...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | August 17 2015
    dissertations. I've also done post-ac consulting work for Continue reading, writing a number of pieces on Continue reading and working with a few clien...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | July 27 2015
    dissertation and am now trying to schedule to oral defence. I’m planning to defend my PhD in early September. I’m also pregnant and excited to become a mom in late September. During my maternity leave, I plan to conduct some academic activities such as trying to put together an article for a ...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | June 22 2015
    dissertation research at a conference, so I’m keeping my hand in the research game a little bit. What kind of tasks do you do on a daily and weekly basis? Teaching is my primary job, so I’m on campus five days a week and in my classroom all day. I teach five out of seven p...
    Margin Notes
    BY PEGGY BERKOWITZ | June 01 2015

    Some are daring to ask how to change the culture of academia.

    dissertations in “public humanities” with a focus towards a broader community. “There is an outward-in focus,” to the new discussion about graduate education, noted Chad Gaffield, history professor and former president of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. “The focu...
    BY ANNE KROOK | June 01 2015

    How do we turn the doctoral student’s significant skills into a career outside academia?

    dissertation. But this material shows me I have more skills and employment alternatives than I thought I did. My dissertation is not my only path; good to know.” Fifth- and later-year grad students, on the other hand, tend to find the very same material disturbing. Their reaction is most often ...
    Speculative Diction
    BY MELONIE FULLICK | May 29 2015

    For the sake of institutional memory, universities need to foster a culture of collective documentation.

    dissertation topic on gender, policy, universities, and graduate education (any takers? Or has someone Continue reading). Considering the ...
    The Associate
    BY ALAN MACEACHERN | April 08 2015

    The pressure to keep it short.

    dissertation until sometime in the fourth year. Disciplines bear their own responsibility; some fields’ dissertations may be prolonged because they are overlong. I used our library system to track the 10 most recently completed PhDs in each of the departments in my faculty and found that the av...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | March 18 2015

    Jennifer Polk explores how Dr. Tauber went from full-time professor to helping graduate programs increase retention and diversity.

    dissertation. This was a one-year “fixed term” position, but it carried full state benefits and I was told that it would renew indefinitely. At the interview, I told the committee that I would have to miss the first day of work because I would be defending my dissertation and they burst into app...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | March 11 2015
    dissertation. But I speak with graduate students and PhDs who work as sessionals or adjuncts on an almost daily basis. And, I was scheduled to travel to Prince George later today, to take part in a conference for graduate students at UNBC. That two-day event is now cancelled. I'm following the strik...
    In my opinion
    BY DAN HARVEY + IMRE SZEMAN | December 17 2014

    Entrepreneurship and innovation, while important and necessary, remain insufficient educational goals for Canada’s universities.

    dissertation examines the pre-eminence of entrepreneurship in economics, politics, and culture, as the 21st century’s common sense. Imre Szeman holds the Canada Research Chair in Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta. With Mr. Harvey, he is co-editor of a forthcoming special issue o...
    Career Advice
    BY SHARI GRAYDON | December 09 2014
    Your research is important and deserves as much attention as possible. But if no one can understand what you're talking about, what's the point? University Affairs magazine and Informed Opinions have teamed up to bring you a video series on how to communicate your research to a wide audien...
    BY WENDY GLAUSER | December 03 2014

    Across the country, people with disabilities are redefining the possible by excelling in scholarly pursuits that were once off limits to them.

    dissertation there were almost 900 baths in Rome, which he compares to the 102 Starbucks in Calgary.) One of the first engineering students in a wheelchair at the University of Calgary, Dr. Oetelar’s cerebral palsy leaves him with the use of one arm, makes speaking difficult and means he can wa...
    BY REBECCA ZAK | November 19 2014

    But first, your university needs a policy on alternative-format dissertations.

    dissertation would look like; all I knew was that it wouldn’t be a traditional 90,000-word text document. It couldn’t be, because I knew if it were, I’d never last to see graduation. Four years later, I have recently crossed the finish line, having successfully defended a web-­based disserta...
    From PhD to Life
    BY JENNIFER POLK | November 11 2014
    BY DIANE PETERS | November 05 2014

    As a young historian, she treated obstacles as things to understand rather than to skirt. The attitude persisted during her entire, stellar career.

    dissertation and had just returned from six months in Lyon, France, researching in the archives there, and needed to return after her comprehensive exams the following spring. “I did not need this,” she recalls. The incident left her with an arrhythmia that winter. She recovered, and son Aaro...