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Career Advice
BY SHOSHANAH JACOBS | January 11 2017
For the last five semesters I have co-taught an introductory biology course. Until now, this has not been the norm in our department. This semester has been different for many instructors: half of our courses are now co-instructed. This dramatic restructuring has caused me to reflect on my experienc...
BY PAT RICH | January 09 2017

Researchers are discovering that the microbes in the human gut don’t just aid digestion, but likely play important roles in the development and regulation of many diseases.

An accurate but less-than-riveting title for Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta’s bestselling book for parents published this past September could have been: Enhancing Environmental Biodiversity for Optimizing Pediatric Gut Microbiome Health. Instead, Dr. Finlay, a professor of microbiol...
People on the Move
BY ANQI SHEN | January 03 2017
The Continue reading has appointed Charmaine Dean vice-president, univer...
BY VIVIEN FELLEGI | December 22 2016
The University of Toronto Mississauga is hosting a distinguished visitor and students that have huddled around the top dog, tails wagging, are learning a few new tricks. A visit by St. John Ambulance therapy dog Grace is one of the stress-busters organized by the office of student transition
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | December 12 2016
It turns out that a lot of people relate to the Continue reading. Great! We can all enjoy one another’s company at our self-deprecation party, all the while being plagued by our private thoughts that we don’t deserve to be at the party. That was my attempt at a segue t...
Adventures in Academe
BY JESSICA RIDDELL | December 06 2016
This fall I returned to teaching after a three-year hiatus. Two maternity leaves plus a sabbatical meant that, although I kept myself busy with other forms of scholarly activity, I had not stepped foot in a classroom for three years. That’s almost the lifespan of an undergraduate cohort, and in so...
BY ANQI SHEN | November 22 2016

International students “would make the best future Canadians,” says immigration minister.

New rules for Continue reading immigration process put international students in a better position to become permanent residents. The
BY BRENNA BAGGS | November 15 2016

The region loses 1,300 people aged 20-29 each year.

Talented graduates need more reasons to stay in Atlantic Canada, said Dino Trevisani, president of IBM Canada, in a keynote address at an event in Halifax hosted by Universities Canada. At the November 7 Continue reading event, “Inspired thinking on entrepre...
People on the Move
BY ANQI SHEN | November 03 2016
Cheryl Sutton has been appointed Continue reading’s...
BY ANQI SHEN | October 31 2016

A Q&A with Belinda Robinson, chief executive of Universities Australia.

Though they’re on opposite sides of the planet, Canada and Australia have much in common when it comes to the higher education sector. Universities in both countries are focused on increasing international student mobility and are also working alongside government mandates to strengthen innova...
BY DAVID P. BURNS & ANYA GOLDIN | October 18 2016
Over the last two years the department of educational studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) has been attempting to push the limits of what a small department can do to create compelling online courses and digital resources. As part of this experiment our popular first year transitions cou...
BY BECKY RYNOR | September 26 2016

Researchers at universities across the country are struggling, says Dr. Woodgett of Toronto’s Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute.

When the Canadian Institutes of Health Research attempted to reform how it awards grants earlier this year, the backlash from the science community was swift, vociferous and unprecedented, according to prominent cell biologist Jim Woodgett. A professor in the department of medical biophysics at ...
BY OMAR MOUALLEM | September 07 2016

How a Christian university opened its heart to the Canadian Muslim convicted of war crimes.

The Continue reading is small, even by the standards of small, Christian liberal arts schools. Lodged between a plastics manufacturer and a suburb of mid-century bungalows in southeast Edmonton, the university features a concrete arch at the entrance that give...
Career Advice
BY RACHAEL CAYLEY | August 29 2016
A longer version of this blog post originally appeared on Rachael Cayley’s blog, Continue reading. During graduate...
BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | August 03 2016
Presidential terminations and resignations are nothing new, even in the staid world of academia. Yet, rarely have they played out in so public a manner as the
The Black Hole
BY JONATHAN THON | July 07 2016
quote>Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing.” It waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way – Fulton J. Sheenquote> Previous articles in this series:
In my opinion
BY KAREEM EL-ASSAL | May 24 2016

If we don’t move quickly, Canada risks seeing many of these young, bright minds take their talents elsewhere.

Ambitious, skilled and often multilingual, international students are a great source of talent. They fill jobs and create new ones through innovation and entrepreneurship — Silicon Valley is a prominent, international example. Research by the Conference Board of Canada shows immigrants help expand...
BY ANQI SHEN | May 04 2016

Move is overdue recognition that the university has become much more diverse, says president.

The Concordia University of Edmonton’s announcement in April that it will no longer be religiously based reflects what the university has been for decades: a publicly supported institution that does not serve one particular constituency, said the university’s president, Gerald Krispin. What b...
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | May 02 2016

These lists are not useful because they are built around a tiny part of what makes you a good job candidate.

If careers were linear, the logical topic for this post might be “careers you can...