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BY RANDY BOYAGODA | June 28 2019

The campus novel is fiction for our times, but the best of the genre is timeless.

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Globe and Mail Continue reading U Sports promotes gender equity through policy, but does not...
BY ANQI SHEN | May 29 2019

The new panel appointed by the Council of Canadian Academies will be chaired by former University of Calgary president Elizabeth Cannon.

A distinguished panel of Canadian higher education experts will come together to address a question of long-standing concern: “What are the main challenges that PhD students in Canada face in transitioning to the labour market, and how do these differ by field of study?” Their final report, whic...
Graduate Matters
BY LIZ KOBLYK | May 24 2019

Realistically, how much time can you devote to skills development?

If you’re convinced that you have no skills other than research and teaching, I suggest you read the Graduate Matters post on Continue reading by Ma...
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BY ANQI SHEN | May 10 2019 Continue reading Wilfrid Laurier University is the recipient of n...
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | April 22 2019

Sitting on a board can help develop your ability to handle situations of accountability without authority.

When I worked with staff at the University of Waterloo, the clients I met with who transitioned from non-managerial roles to managerial ones often had something in common – and it wasn’t a love of management books. It was experience on a non-profit board of governors. Maybe a managerial role ...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | April 18 2019

“The traits and abilities which make medical science liaisons successful are the same that make a successful doctoral or postdoctoral scientist,” says the founder of Meristem Health.

Medical affairs is an exciting career field for PhDs, particularly for those with backgrounds in biological and medical sciences. This can include working as a medical science liaison (MSL). Over the past few months, Maren Wood and I have
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BY TARA SIEBARTH | April 16 2019
Hamilton Spectator Continue reading Hamilton researchers have discovered "kingpin" cells that or...
In my opinion

Skills of well-being have been forgotten partly due to a combination of educational reforms and societal pressures.

This article is republished from Continue reading under a Creative Commons license. Read the Continue reading. In my past experience as an acad...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | March 27 2019

In addition to how-to workshops and panel discussions, this year’s career education conference will include a series of career spotlights from PhDs working in a variety of fields.

Maren Wood and I are excited to announce our Continue reading online career conference for PhDs! It's happening live, May 4-11, 2019. Many thanks to Continue reading for partnering with us again. More details below, but first let me say...
In my opinion
BY JOHN-TYLER BINFET | March 21 2019

The B.A.R.K. program – Building Academic Retention through K9s – creates opportunities for students and community members to spend time with therapy dogs.

This article is republished from Continue reading under a Creative Commons license. Read the Continue reading. The interaction always p...
BY ANQI SHEN | March 20 2019

The federal government’s pre-election budget contains several key items for students and universities.

Ahead of the fall election, the federal Liberals tabled a budget on March 19 focused on skills, employment and youth, along with other items related to affordable housing, pharmacare and seniors. The budget contains several key items for the postsecondary sector, including a target to create 84,000 ...
From the admin chair
BY SHEILA COTE-MEEK | February 28 2019

It’s time to stop and rethink what a university should look like, and how education can remain relevant during times of rapid transition.

I would like to offer another way to look at the challenges we are facing in academia today, drawing on two recent experiences. The first experience centres around a presentation I gave on understanding different paradigms and worldviews. In it, I spoke about how narratives and storytelling often dr...
BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | February 20 2019

Moving beyond the traditional resumé-writing workshops, many centres are now helping students conceive of their career paths from the start of their studies.

University career centres: that’s where you go to get a tuneup on your resumé and cover letter as you’re graduating, right? Yes, just before you exit the ivory tower into the warm embrace of various employers all waiting to welcome you to the working world. If you’re shaking your head at t...
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | February 14 2019

The secret CV doesn’t contain things you want to hide, but rather things that you’re proud of, and haven’t yet found a way to articulate.

As failure CVs make the rounds, they confirm that Continue reading. It’s not the only kind of atypical CV that can help you to reconceptualize your career. I...
Career Advice

When we stop to consider the demands that leadership can involve, we are enabling each other to move forward, together.

Eight years ago, a small group of people from Carleton University got together to reconsider the future of leadership on their campus. They began with the question: “What does great leadership look like in practice and how can we create the conditions for more of it? As we had further conversation...
From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | January 31 2019

A successful career transition starts with an adviser who’s supportive, encouraging, and open to different ways of defining professional victory.

This is a guest post by Joseph Fruscione, PhD. He is an editor and writing consultant in the Washington, DC area. In addition to the new book he co-edited with Continue reading, Succeeding Outside the Academy (UP of Kansas), he’s also co-editing a ...
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