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Mental health

BY JOE HENRY | February 03 2020

As universities ramp up supports for students, those who aren’t in school face uneven access to care.

BY DAVID KENT | January 10 2020

Career planning and mental health in academe were some of the most-read topics addressed on the Black Hole in the past year.

BY CALVIN CHAN & LISA PURDY | December 04 2019

Research has shown that student mental wellness is a growing concern, but what can we do about it?

BY CATHARINE MUNN | October 11 2019

Every person on a university campus has a part to play.


A new report reveals that over half of non-teaching staff at Quebec universities are suffering from anxiety and depression.

BY MOIRA FARR | April 02 2019

The Rossy Student Wellness Hub will include embedded wellness advisors, an online service portal and an upgraded bricks-and-mortar location.

BY VESELIN JUNGIC | February 04 2019

Looking around, it seemed obvious to me that I was the only one who didn’t understand what was going on.

BY CATHARINE MUNN | January 07 2019

The answer lies with students themselves – if we really listen.

BY SORAYA ROBERTS | November 14 2018

Still, a few universities have committed to offering services that specifically address eating disorders as part of their health and wellness programs.

BY BECKY RYNOR | June 27 2018

To build empathy and find solutions, civic leaders and service providers were asked to navigate the web of local agencies.

BY CHANTAL BRAGANZA | November 10 2017

The campus chaplaincy is being recontextualized as a space for non-denominational spirituality and mental health care support – but there’s still a place for faith.


New position announced at an Association of Atlantic Universities’ conference on mental health held at Mount Allison University.

BY JACKIE WONG | September 06 2017

In the wake of student suicides, universities are reflecting on how to respond, and on their approaches to dealing with mental health.

BY ANONYMOUS | August 02 2017

If you work with more than six people, it’s likely you work with someone who has experienced, will experience, or is currently experiencing fertility issues.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | March 06 2017

Accessibility offices are encouraging students with autism to turn to their peers for support through university life.

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