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Research funding

BY BRIAN OWENS | March 21 2023

Concern rises about potential research chill as new rules are extended across federal research-funding agencies.

BY DAVID KENT | February 08 2023

The neuroscientist is gearing up to cover topics from open, team-based science to putting EDI to work in the field.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | January 18 2023

The search for a systemic response to a growing concern.

BY JEAN-FRANÇOIS VENNE | January 05 2023

Improving the cohesiveness, openness and agility of Canada’s research support system is the core mandate of the federal government’s new advisory panel.

BY DIANE PETERS | November 14 2022

The research organization briefly suspended new applications in the province following a significant funding shortage.

BY BRIAN OWENS | August 31 2022

After four years, the federal government’s billion-dollar superclusters are finding their feet, but they need more time.

BY MAXIME BILODEAU | August 16 2022

The government is being urged to increase financial aid for graduate students and postdocs.

BY BECKY RYNOR | August 05 2022

Those affected include over 100,000 postsecondary students, one expert estimates.

BY CRESO SÁ | July 20 2022

Why is the federal government still throwing money and resources at this project?


Fundamental research, future researchers and scholarships: the university community reacts to Quebec’s new research and innovation strategy.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | May 13 2022

This crop of provincial budgets focus on increasing health-care seats and funding infrastructure projects at postsecondary institutions.


Looking back on a century of scientific growth.


Renewed international interest in our closest celestial neighbour is giving academics a chance to build out Canada’s space exploration expertise.

BY DAVID KENT | April 12 2022

Universities that frequently make additional funds available for a short period of time risk alienating new projects from early career researchers who don’t have large, established teams.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | April 08 2022

Budget 2022 largely focuses on housing affordability, clean growth and defence, with few targeted investments in scientific research.

BY LETITIA HENVILLE | February 24 2022

You needn’t put on armour or start a podcast to come up with ways to “mobilize knowledge.”

BY BRIAN OWENS | August 16 2021

Building on the research that was done may help prepare for future pandemics.

BY BRIAN OWENS | August 09 2021

Some academics argue it should have been part of regular funding programs, or more focused.

BY MICHEL PROULX | July 13 2021

Guidelines to be expanded to other granting agencies in the near future.

BY ANDREW MOORE | June 25 2021

Universities should be places for people to discover their own ways of contributing to their communities, not vocational assembly lines.