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BY MARIA GALLO | April 26 2022

Connecting with others in your field can offer job search insights, networking opportunities and a chance to learn about different career paths.

BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | March 25 2022

The REES platform focuses on survivors, providing them with a range of secure options to report incidents and access support services.


Internships provide students with a broader view of the world and professional skills development, which can transcend their in-class knowledge.

BY FRANCES BULA | March 09 2022

Universities are exploring ways to build more student accommodations of all kinds amid a worsening shortage.

BY ERIN CORBER | February 22 2022

Taking the time – even if it’s a few hours a week – for extracurricular activities can help expand your career options.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | February 11 2022

These Canadian Olympians are taking the term “student athlete” to the next level.

BY JULIEN CAYOUETTE | February 09 2022

Now more than ever, faculty and staff are working hard to help students succeed.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | February 04 2022

A new Canada Foundation for Innovation survey finds that while young people generally trust science, action is still needed to improve literacy.

BY CHELSEA CHEN | January 31 2022

Six things to think about as you consider whether or not to pursue a graduate degree.

BY MARK CARDWELL | January 28 2022

One sports psychologist says he’s seen a major upswing in mood and anxiety-related symptoms over the past two years.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | January 14 2022

But many are also seeing an influx of applications, and renewed interest from provincial governments to expand programs.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | January 13 2022

On any given day there is a nurse practitioner at the clinic to provide a range of services to students.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | January 12 2022

They’ve been on the lips of a growing number of postsecondary administrators and faculty in recent years, and COVID-19 has only accelerated the trend.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | January 04 2022

The SciCards highlight unique and extraordinary animals, plants and even molecules.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | December 15 2021

Sexual minorities are still experiencing barriers to care, says a professor overhauling curriculum at Dalhousie University.

BY JOEL BELLIVEAU | December 02 2021

A personal take on the added value a francophone university outside Quebec brings to its community.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | December 01 2021

Universities and colleges are hoping to send students from non-traditional backgrounds to work and study abroad.

BY EMILY BARON CADLOFF | November 16 2021

Alleged assaults at Western prompted policy reviews across Ontario, but it’s unclear what changes will come from them.

BY JAMES SOUTHWORTH | November 09 2021

While it is necessary to educate students on academic integrity and academic misconduct, these two concepts are often conflated.

BY DIANE PETERS | October 19 2021

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is inspiring other universities to prioritize social accountability, advocate for health-policy change, and serve communities in need.