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BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | November 28 2019

Small steps can make a big difference to engaging students in their own assessment.

BY SHAWN XIONG | November 01 2019

Once a hotly debated position in academe, the teaching-only stream is become more commonplace on campus.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | October 30 2019

There’s much to admire in Canada’s higher education system, but we can do so much better.


Professors created a graphic novel and simulations to prepare students for treating opioid overdoses.

BY CRESO SÁ | October 21 2019

Clusters are often described as prioritizing interdisciplinary collaboration, but that comes with its own unique set of challenges.

BY ANQI SHEN | August 28 2019

Seven of this year’s cohort recount impromptu situations with their students that led them to reflect deeply on what they do.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | August 23 2019

Audience members, like students, are key participants and crucial collaborators, not merely passive consumers.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | August 12 2019

“Typically in vet practice, the routine is to … check the boxes. I realized very quickly that that was not the way to go about it – it was about establishing a relationship first.”

BY KERRY BANKS | July 30 2019

Canadian researchers offered a sneak peek of some of the results at Congress in Vancouver.


The term is ubiquitous in university mission statements, but students seem to understand it differently than we do.

BY STUART CHAMBERS | April 26 2019

These six strategies can easily be implemented as part of a proactive approach to essay writing.

BY NAVNEET ALANG | April 23 2019

Researchers now have access to a flood of educational data on students that they hope will offer insights on how to improve the learning experience. Will it work?


J-Schools Canada, a network for journalism educators and program administrators, will have its first meeting at the Canadian Communication Association conference at Congress in June.

BY WENDY CARR & BLYE FRANK | March 13 2019

Faculties of education have a role to play in ensuring that teachers can identify and respond to students’ mental health challenges.

BY DIANE PETERS | March 06 2019

Research suggests that student evaluations of teaching are often badly designed and used inappropriately. But change is underway.

BY SHELDON GORDON | January 29 2019

The once-ubiquitous MBA degree is being replaced by shorter, more targeted master’s programs.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | January 16 2019

Perpetuating such a myth downplays the value of discipline, energy and effort.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | January 09 2019

The mounting teacher shortages in parts of Canada have several sources, including working conditions, cuts to teacher education programs and a lack of specialty instructors.

BY KERRY BANKS | December 26 2018

Educators are using gaming elements, combined with the interactive and immersive aspects of virtual reality, to enhance learning.

BY DAVID SMITH | December 17 2018

As time goes by, I’m having more and more misgivings about using social media.