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BY ADAM CHAPNICK | September 29 2017

When students don’t participate, neither they nor their peers can learn as much.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | August 18 2017

We do not pretend that there is a singular answer or indivisible truth. Instead, we must embrace complexity.

BY DANIEL WOOLF | July 24 2017

A university principal reflects on his efforts to stay active as a professor.

BY FRANCES BULA | May 24 2017

UBC’s “Moments that Matter” course mines departmental expertise to transform a second-year history course into a team performance.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | April 11 2017

How students respond to failure is a strong predictor of future success.

BY DAVID SMITH | April 05 2017

Engaging with students – both inside and outside the classroom – who are continually linked in to social media and online devices presents a range of opportunities, challenges and pitfalls.

BY LISA PHILIPPS | March 29 2017

One academic’s journey in search of new perspectives.

BY ANQI SHEN | February 21 2017

From cherished childhood stories to highbrow literature to weighty non-fiction, academics weigh in.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | February 07 2017

“Encountering different voices singing different tunes has the potential to create new and powerful combinations.”

BY SHOSHANAH JACOBS | January 11 2017

For the last five semesters I have co-taught an introductory biology course. Until now, this has not been the norm in our department. This semester has been different for many instructors: half of our courses are now co-instructed. This dramatic restructuring has caused me to reflect on my experience as a member of a teaching […]

BY ANQI SHEN | January 04 2017

Just starting out? Worried about your lectures, your students, your time-management skills and more? Eight academics offer up their advice.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | December 06 2016

This fall I returned to teaching after a three-year hiatus. Two maternity leaves plus a sabbatical meant that, although I kept myself busy with other forms of scholarly activity, I had not stepped foot in a classroom for three years. That’s almost the lifespan of an undergraduate cohort, and in some ways the cultural imagery […]

BY DAVID P. BURNS & ANYA GOLDIN | October 18 2016

Over the last two years the department of educational studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) has been attempting to push the limits of what a small department can do to create compelling online courses and digital resources. As part of this experiment our popular first year transitions course, Introduction to Higher Education, was offered in […]

BY SHELDON GORDON | October 05 2016

The programs not only upgrade their academic qualifications but expose immigrants to how their profession is practised in Canada.

BY DIANE PETERS | September 28 2016

New designs address the trend towards student-centred, active learning.

BY MOIRA FARR | March 29 2016

The authors of a new book challenge what they call the “frantic pace” of contemporary university life.

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | March 08 2016

It’s an alternative career track that they say fits them well.

BY ASHLEIGH VANHOUTEN | February 03 2016

A few of the best mobile apps found on campuses across Canada.

BY UA/AU | December 09 2015

Professors’ picks of underrated titles that students should be reading.

BY TIM JOHNSON | March 09 2009

Tips and advice on choosing the right teaching with technology conference this year – and how to get the most out of it